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Summer 2024 Courses

The following courses are offered during the Summer 2024 semester.  Please view the Moravian University Course Catalog for a complete listing of the Philosophy Department course offerings.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Course CodeTitleInstructorDaysBegin DateEnd DateLinC
PHIL 120 AIntroduction to PhilosophyNaraghiOnline (Asynchronous)5/28/20247/6/2024M3
PHIL 110 AIntroduction to LogicNaraghiOnline (Asynchronous)7/8/20248/17/2024M3

100-Level Courses

PHIL 110 A: Introduction to Logic: Critical Thinking 

An introduction of the basic concepts of logic, informal fallacies and categorical logic. (M3) Naraghi

PHIL 120 A: Introduction to Philosophy 

Tasks and the subject matters of philosophy, including the major theories of reality, knowledge, religion, morality and social justice. Attention to several classic philosophical texts as primary source readings. (M3) Naraghi