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Moravian College


Director of the Pre-Law Program: Dr. Heikki Lempa

Without prescribing a major, the College has identified certain areas of study that may be particularly helpful for the student considering law as a career, because they assist in preparing for legal education and in focusing a student’s thoughts about his or her future.

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The Pre-Law Program at Moravian

Following the recommendations of the Organizations that are responsible for Law School Accreditation, there is no one major that is exclusively appropriate as an undergraduate course of study for law school. It is the philosophy of the Pre-Law Program at Moravian College to encourage students to take courses and a course of study that involves intensive reading, writing, public speaking and critical thinking. We also recommend shadowing a lawyer (select one lawyer from the long list of Moravian Law Alumni). While many Pre-Law students chose majors in the Social Science Disciplines (Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology), a choice of majors in the Humanities and Natural Sciences may also provide an appropriate background for careers in the Legal Profession.


Recommendations and Guidelines

Without prescribing a major, the College has identified certain areas of study that may be particularly helpful for a student considering a career in the legal profession. These courses assist in the preparation for future legal education and in focusing a student's thoughts about the future. Students considering law school are encouraged to take the following courses during the years at Moravian. Many of the courses also may be used to fulfill Learning in Common (LINC) requirements.

  1. Formal Logic (Philosophy 110)
  2. Creative Nonfiction (English 211)
  3. A minimum of three courses from a set relevant to the study of law.


Pre-Law Activities and Student Organizations

A very active Pre-Law Club has a presence on campus. In conjunction with the Pre-Law Program, the club has co-sponsored a Lehigh Valley Law School Fair, Debates for prominent local political offices, panel Discussions and speaking engagements from Judges, Attorneys and elected officials. The Club also takes field trips to a variety of Law Schools.

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For more information about the Pre-Law Program, contact Dr. Heikki Lempa at