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Chemistry Program of Study

Chemistry Class

Program of Study

The Major in Chemistry

The major in chemistry consists of nine course units above Chemistry 110, including:

  • CHEM 113-114
  • CHEM 211-212
  • CHEM 220.2
  • CHEM 222
  • CHEM 331-332
  • CHEM 370.2

The students then select the remaining course with the approval of the major advisor. Chemistry majors also must take Mathematics 170 (or its equivalent sequence Mathematics 106-166), Mathematics 171, and Physics 111-112.

American Chemical Society Certified Bachelor's Degree

Students wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree certified by the American Chemical Society are required to take a total of 13 chemistry courses. These must include those required for the basic major, plus Chemistry 311, Chemistry 327, Chemistry 341, and one additional 300-level chemistry course. Students are encouraged to use independent study (Chemistry 381) or Honors (Chemistry 400) to fulfill the final course requirement. 

Cross-registration with member institutions of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges enables students to take courses in polymer chemistry, engineering, and other specialties. In addition, Moravian University offers formal cooperative bachelor's degree programs with Lafayette College, the University of Pennsylvania, or Washington University (St. Louis) that can lead to degrees in chemical or biochemical engineering. The Moravian University  Chemistry Department also sponsors an American Chemical Society student affiliate chapter that is active in sponsoring guest lectures, receptions and field trips to local industrial and government laboratories.

Suggested Schedules | Courses

The Minor in Chemistry

The minor in chemistry consists of five course units:

  • CHEM 113-114
  • CHEM 211
  • CHEM 222
  • either CHEM 212 or CHEM 331

The Interdepartmental Major

The six courses that compose Set I of the interdepartmental major in chemistry include:

  • CHEM 113-114
  • CHEM 211
  • CHEM 222

The student then selects the remaining courses in chemistry and the six courses of Set II  with the approval of the advisor.

Departmental Recommendations

Students planning graduate work in chemistry are encouraged to explore a research experience during a semester or over the summer.  In addition, students should talk to their advisor about taking additional advanced courses in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, physics, or biology.