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Chemistry Research

Dr. Holiday with SOAR Student


Many students participate in research with faculty through the Honors program, SOAR program, and independent study. The SOAR program pays students to do research, even in the summer. Potential on-campus projects include organic or inorganic syntheses, peptide chemistry, biochemical binding studies, molecular orbital calculations, or spectroscopic or electrochemical studies of reaction intermediates and mechanisms. The department encourages students to get involved in original research during their years at Moravian University.


Multiple Amino Acid Mutations of a Key Quorum Sensing Peptide in S.pneumoniae

Kylie Chichura '19 synthesized a variety of different peptides to modulate cell-cell communication in pathogenic bacteria.

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Synthesis of an Anti-Tumor Rhodium Compound

"This opportunity has been the most valuable of any experience during my undergraduate study," says Andrew Bainbridge '19

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Drug Analysis of Wastewater Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Madison Pursell '19 used analytical, organic, and environmental chemistry to quantify drugs in wastewater.

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