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Dr. Holiday with SOAR Student


Many students participate in research with faculty through the Honors program, SOAR program, and independent study. The SOAR program pays students to do research, even in the summer. Potential on-campus projects include chemical and enzyme kinetic studies, organic or inorganic syntheses, molecular orbital calculations, or spectroscopic or electrochemical studies of reaction intermediates and mechanisms. The department encourages students to get involved in original research during their years at Moravian College.


mcbride_soar_research page.jpg

Determination of Heavy Metal Contamination in Forb Plants at the Lehigh Gap Wildlife Refuge

Laura McBride '16 utilized a combination of field and lab work to test for zinc contamination in plant samples.

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devon jakob_research page.jpg

Synthesis, Isolation, and Characterization of the Catalytic Activity of Rhodium Complexes

" I am essentially studying the catalytic ability of our dirhodium complexes," says Devon Jakob '16

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Determining Enthalpy Change (∆H) For Luminol (3-aminophthalhydrazide) With Hydrogen peroxide

Alex Sestok '16 took a deep dive into fluorescence while gaining hands-on experience with new instruments.

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