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Teaching & Learning Strategies

Our faculty is innovating the way they allow students to discover knowledge and guide them to a new understanding of the world around them—in our case, the chemical world. Here are a few recent examples.


Photo of Michael Bertucci

Cross-Institutional Blended Learning in Medicinal Chemistry

What happens when you put six organic chemists in a room and give them a video camera? Assistant professor Michael Bertucci and five other chemistry professors from other LVAIC (Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges) institutions collaborated on developing a hybrid course in medicinal chemistry.

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Photo of Carl Salter

Who is Aunt Gladys? Communicating Science Through Writing

Professor Carl Salter reveals his tried-and-true writing tactic.

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Photo of Shari Dunham working on a problem with a student

Active Learning in General Chemistry

Associate Professors Shari and Stephan Dunham discuss their strategy for increasing understanding in general chemistry.