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Chemistry Student Opportunities

Dr. Dunham with Student

Student Opportunities

Chemistry Clubs and Organizations

  • American Chemical Society 
    The American Chemical Society is the student affiliate of the national society. The organization is responsible for arranging both guest and student lectures on campus, providing weekly peer tutoring, and organizing visits to local chemical industries in the surrounding region. Strong involvement with the local Lehigh Valley ACS section is encouraged to aid undergraduates in networking and other professional skills.
  • Environmental Coalition (ECO)
    The Environmental Coalition recognizes that "sustainability" is multifaceted-- it means living in a way that protects and enriches the environment and your community and also contributes to a stable economy. ECO seeks to make students aware of the most pressing sustainability issues and through programming empower them to make the change.
  • Pre-Health Professions Club 
    The Pre-Health Professions Club informs those students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions with the following information: timeline for their applications, choosing a health professions school or graduate program, financial assistance, careers in the health professions and other related topics. Furthermore, students in the club actively participate in community service events both on the campus and in the community.

The Moravian Chemistry Department also sponsors an American Chemical Society student affiliate chapter that is active in sponsoring guest lectures, receptions and field trips to local industrial and government laboratories.

Scholarships and Prizes

  • The Alumni Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Natural Sciences
  • The American Chemical Society Award
    Upon a recommendation of the chemistry faculty, to a senior chemistry major with an outstanding academic record and promise of an academic or research career in chemistry or a related discipline. 
  • The American Institute of Chemists Award
    Upon a recommendation of the chemistry faculty, to a senior chemistry major with an outstanding academic record and promise of a professional research career in chemistry or a related discipline. 
  • The Biochemistry Prize
    To a student who, in the judgment of the biochemistry faculty, has demonstrated outstanding achievement in biochemistry and shows potential for significant future contributions to biochemistry or related fields.
  • The Stuart S. Kulp Scholarship (restricted to chemistry majors)
    To a chemistry major who, in the judgment of the chemistry faculty, deserves recognition for superior academic achievement and demonstrates the potential to contribute to the field of chemistry.
  • The Louis and Esther Bader Memorial Scholarship Prize in Chemistry
     To a junior or senior chemistry major who, in the judgment of the Department of Chemistry, exhibits outstanding professional and academic qualifications in preparation for a career in science. 
  • The General Chemistry Award
  • The Analytical Chemistry Prize (sponsored by the analytical chemistry division of the American Chemical Society)
  • The Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry (sponsored by the American Chemical Society Joint Polymer Education Committee)