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Student Research

Post-Graduation Opportunities

Graduate School

Coming soon: information about applying to graduate school, any helpful tips or links.

Boston University
College of William and Mary
Harvard Pharmacy
Jefferson Medical College
Lehigh University
Mayo Clinic
New Jersey School of Medicine
Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University
Philadelphia College of Osteopathy
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Temple University
University of Arizona
University of Cincinnati School of Medicine
University of Colorado Boulder
University of Michigan School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Washington University in St. Louis

Careers in Chemistry

Coming soon: types of jobs, job search tips or links

Specialty Assays Inc as a Assistant Scientist
Teva Pharmaceuticals as a Chemist
CVS Caremark Corp as an Intern
Laboratory Testing Inc as a Chemistry Technician
Bureau Veritas as a Lab Analyst
Dynalene, Inc as a Lab Services Manager
Geisinger Health System as a Research Technician
Micro-Coax as a Plating Lab Technician
East Penn Manufacturing
Saladax Biomedical