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Accounting class


The accounting major helps to prepare students for careers in public accounting, private industry, and non-profit organizations. It is also a good foundation for graduate study in accounting, management, finance, and law, as well as preparation examinations for professional certifications such as Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Financial Management, and Certified Internal Auditor.

Dual Degree 4+1

Earn your accounting degree AND one of 4 business graduate degrees, including your MBA, in just 5 years.

The Major in Accounting

The accounting curriculum is designed to provide a broad foundation in accounting to prepare students for careers in public accounting, private industry, and the non-profit sector.

Accounting Requirements

  • ECON 152: Principles of Economics
    (Prerequisites: 3 years of secondary mathematics through college level algebra or consent of instructor)
  • ECON 156: Economic and Business Statistics  -OR-  MATH 107: Elementary Statistics
  • ECON 225: Intermediate Microeconomics
    (Prerequisites: ECON 152, ECON 156, and MATH 106-66 or MATH 170 or MATH 108)
  • MGMT 223: Management and Organizational Theory
    (Prerequisite: ECON 152)
  • ACCT 157: Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 213: Cost Accounting
    (Prerequisites: ACCT 157 and ECON 156)
  • ACCT 218: Intermediate Accounting I
    (Prerequisite: ACCT 157)
  • ACCT 219: Intermediate Accounting II
    (Prerequisite: ACCT 218 with grade of “C” or better)
  • ACCT 340: Senior Seminar in Accounting (Writing Intensive)
    (Prerequisite: ACCT 218 with grade of “C” or better)
  • Controlled ACCT Elective (see note)
  • Controlled ACCT Elective (see note)

Controlled Electives 

Choose TWO of the following Controlled Electives:

  • ACCT 258: Computers and Acct Info Systems (Prerequisites: ACCT 157 and MGMT 211.2)
  • ACCT 315: Federal Income Tax (Prerequisite: ACCT 157)
  • ACCT 322: Advanced Accounting (Prerequisite: ACCT 218)
  • ACCT 324: Auditing (Prerequisite: ACCT 218) 

Note: Requirements for students to declare their major in the Economics and Business Department must have a minimum grade of C- in Math 108/166/170, Econ 152, and Econ 156. Students select two of the following four controlled electives: ACCT 258: Computers and Accounting Information Systems; ACCT 315: Federal Income Tax; ACCT 322: Advanced Accounting; ACCT 324: Auditing.

Accounting courses are listed in the College Catalog.

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