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Environmental Policy and Economics

Dr. Aziz with student.

Environmental Economics and Policy 

The Environmental Economics and Policy major, offered through the Environmental Sciences and Studies Program, provides students an opportunity to develop interdisciplinary approaches to environmental and social policy. The major prepares students for graduate study and for careers in business, private policy organizations, and government.

The Major in Environmental Economics and Policy 

The Environmental Economics and Policy curriculum provides students with the necessary interdisciplinary approaches required to create and develop more efficient ways to protect and enhance the world's ecological and economic amenities. Sound foundational knowledge and problem-solving skills are developed so that graduates understand the complexity of environmental processes and the trade-offs presented by alternative policies.

Required Prerequisite Courses

  • ECON 152: Principles of  Economics
    (Prerequisites: 3 years of secondary mathematics through college level algebra or consent of instructor)
  • ECON 156: Economic and Business Statistics  -OR-  MATH 107: Elementary Statistics

Environmental Studies Core Courses

  • ENVR 110 or ENVR 112: Introduction to Environmental Studies or Environmental Science 
  • EASC 110: Introductory Geology 
  • ECON 240: Environmental Economics 
    (Prerequisite: ECON 152)
  • POSC 237: Public Policy and Administration
  • PHIL 250: Environmental Philosophy
    (Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing) 
  • ENVR 370: Environmental Studies Seminar (Writing Intensive)

Environmental Economics and Policy Courses

  • ECON 241: Natural Resource Economics & Policy
    (Prerequisite: ECON 152)
  • POSC 240: Environmental Policy (Prerequisite: ECON 152)
  • POSC 340: Energy Policy and Society
    (Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing) 
  • Elective 
  • Elective 

Plus two of the following electives:

  • ECON 228: Economic Development
    (Prerequisite: Economics 152)
  • ECON 330: Public Finance (Writing Intensive) 
    (Prerequisites: Economics 152 and 225)
  • ECON 236: International Economics
    (Prerequisite: Economics 152)
  • EASC 210: Introductory Geographic Information Systems
  • HIST 260: Environmental History
  • POSC 110: The American Political System
  • POSC 115: International Politics: How the World Works
  • SOC 312: Environmental Law
    (Prerequisite: Sociology 216)
  • ENVR 381-384: Independent Study
  • ENVR 386-388: Internship
  • ENVR 400-401: Honors

NOTES: Requirements for students to declare their major in the Economics and Business Department must have a minimum grade of C- in Math 108/166/170, Econ 152, and Econ 156.