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Dr. Ravelle Class
Economics and Business



Sonia N. Aziz | Associate Professor of Economics

Office location: Comenius Hall 204
Office phone: 610-625-7702

Dr. Sonia Aziz’s is an associate professor of economics specializing in Environmental Economics with a focus on health economics and water resources in developing countries. Dr. Aziz's research focuses on valuation of health and other non-market goods (environmental goods) by looking at human behavior in response to potential health and environmental risks, and the impact of that behavior on the outcomes experienced. Sonia Aziz is co-director of the Center for Investigation on Poverty and Inequality.


Katie P. Desiderio | Associate Professor of Management; Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs

Office location: Comenius Hall 202 * Think Tank
Office phone: 610-861-1376

Dr. Desiderio, holds a MBA from Wilkes University and a Doctorate in the field of leadership with a specialization in human resource development from Barry University. Her research interests, in the area of flow and finding happiness to optimize performance at work, stimulate her overall work as a professor. As a collaborator by nature, she embraces research with fellow HRD scholars in the areas of performance, social and transitional justice issues in HRD, perceived leader behavior and organizational citizenship behaviors. After working for several years in corporate marketing, Dr. Desiderio is excited to be able to share her knowledge and experience with students in a career where she has found the essence of embracing flow at work.


Thomas P. Egan | Faculty

Office location: Benigna Hall 207
Office phone: 610-625-7507

Dr. Egan has been teaching Economics and Business Management courses at Moravian College since 1994. He regularly teaches MBA level courses in Operations Management, Microeconomic Foundations for Strategic Management and Decision Analysis. He also teaches a variety of undergraduate Econ and Management courses.

Dr. Egan has had long standing interests in energy and environmental economics topics (his Ph.D. thesis area), in the role the Federal Government plays in nurturing innovation and promoting economic growth and also in encouraging the wider use of basic microeconomic theory in the decision environments within 21st century organizations.

After graduate school he was the principal investigator on a number of studies in areas of energy demand and supplies for Federal Government agencies such as DOE, EPA and the Bonneville Power Administration. He also co-authored a book on the critical role that the Federal Government played in spurring the growth of the semiconductor industry and an award winning paper on how microeconomic theory might become more useful in decision environments within modern organizations.


Gary S. Kaskowitz | Professor of Management

Office location: Comenius Hall 205
Office phone: 610-861-1406

Research interests and expertise: Strategic marketing; interactive marketing; the use of storytelling and archetypes in creating an identity; the morality and ethics of marketing, especially from Judeo-Christian and Western perspectives; service and interdisciplinary learning.


Lizabeth Kay Kleintop | Faculty & Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Office location: Comenius Hall 207
Office phone: 610-625-7704

Research interests and expertise:  Dr. Kleintop teaches human resources management, organizational development, business research methods, and analytics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research interests are in LGBT and gender workplace issues, particularly around acceptance and managing transitions.


Eva Marikova Leeds | Professor of Economics and Business

Office location: Comenius Hall 214
Office phone: 610-861-1446

Research interests and expertise: Financial markets, mortgage banking, Czech privatization and transition, economic development, event studies, sports economics


Santo D. Marabella | Professor of Management

Office location: Comenius Hall 203
Office phone: 610-625-7903

Dr. Marabella teaches upper-level courses for the management major, including the management seminar, business ethics, marketing and leadership. His teaching and research look at ways that the performing arts can be used to teach, train and study contemporary issues for business. He is the author of a book, The Practical Prof: Simple Lessons for Anyone Who Works, a newspaper column, five plays and a short film.


James Ravelle | Professor of Economics and Business

Office location: Comenius Hall 211
Office phone: 610-861-1378 

Research interests and expertise: Dr. James Ravelle teaches or has taught the following courses: management and organizational theory; human resources management; complex organizations; labor and management relations; labor economics; principles of economics; legal environment of business; legal environment of finance and credit. He is also the author of 17 articles and other scholarly publications and has recently completed a book entitled: "Cases and Exercises in Business, Finance and the Law".

At Moravian Dr. Ravelle has received the "Timothy Briedegam Award for Outstanding Faculty Service" on three occasions and also received the "Christian and Mary Lindback Award for Outstanding Teaching". He has served as the Chair of the Department of Economics and Business (1987-1990); the Chair of the Department of Sociology (2000-2006); and was a member of the Moravian College Board of Trustees (1988-1992). He is currently the Director of the Pre-Law Program at Moravian. Dr. Ravelle has been admitted to the Bar before the Supreme Courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and before several United States District Courts. He was also a member of the voluntary labor arbitration and commercial arbitration panels of the American Arbitration Association and the civil arbitration panel of the Court of the Common Pleas of Lehigh County. He served as an arbitrator in over 400 cases. 

Dr. Ravelle has served as a solicitor to several labor unions, banks, corporations, and local governmental units. He is also the former managing member and President of Brafferton Financial, LLC, a mortgage bank.


Linda L. Ravelle | Associate Professor of Economics and Business

Office location: Comenius Hall 217
Office phone: 610-861-1453

Research interests and expertise: Security analysis, portfolio theory, corporate finance, public finance, statistics.


John D. Rossi, III | Associate Professor of Accounting


John D Rossi, III is a seasoned and proven business leader, lecturer, accountant and financial planner with thirty plus years of business and academic experience. Mr. Rossi has led a career that included several regional CPA firms and extensive teaching. John founded the CPA firm of Rossi & Co in Allentown, PA and later merged his firm with Ellwood & Company, PC. Today, John is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Mr. Rossi is also President of JR3 Virtuoso Solutions, Inc. specializing in financial reporting, taxation, professional training and consulting services. John is the author of several articles related to his research interest in the area of financial reporting, taxation and personal finance. John has been quoted extensively in newspapers and magazines on issues related to his expertise. In addition, he is a frequent presenter on technical and management issues at workshops and Continuing Professional Education Seminars.


Sabrina Terrizzi | Associate Professor of Economics and Business

Office location: Comenius Hall 212
Office phone: 610-625-7937

Dr. Terrizzi has teaching and research experience across a variety of fields in economics and information systems. Despite this breadth of experience, her specialty and true passion align in the field of health economics. Dr. Terrizzi has conducted research in three primary areas of health economics: prescription drug expenditures, healthcare delivery, and healthcare behaviors. She is currently expanding her research to study various effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including: the effect of the ACA on entrepreneurship; and the regional effects of the ACA on chronic health care outcomes, utilization, and income inequality. The goal of each analysis is to inform healthcare policy with the priority of providing more affordable healthcare to support a healthier population.



Barbara M. Vinciguerra | Associate Professor of Accounting; Chair, Economics and Business Department

Office location: Comenius Hall 207
Office phone: 610-861-1377

Research interests and expertise: Teaching interests include Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Auditing. Research interests include judgment and decision making behavior in accounting and auditing contexts and factors influencing auditor independence. Dr. Vinciguerra worked as a finance manager in the pharmaceutical industry and as a certified public accountant to clients in the financial services and healthcare industries. She is active in professional associations, including the American Accounting Association and the Institute of Management Accountants. Her work has been published in journals including Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy, American Business Review, and the Pennsylvania CPA Journal.


James P. West | Professor of Economics and Business

Office location: Comenius Hall 215
Office phone: 610-861-1381

Research and Academic research includes international and development economics, economic philosophy, monetary economics and issues in international business and management. Dr. West has extensive international travel and research interests and has lived and worked in India, Slovakia and the United States.

Affiliated Faculty

JNR Head Shot copy.jpg

Joel Nathan Rosen | Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology; Contributing Faculty in Sports Management

Program Director, Communications & Media Studies

Office location: Benigna Hall, Room 215
Office phone: 610-625-7814
Personal website:

Research interests and expertise
Media in Culture; American Popular Music (especially the blues and its related genres); Sport; Celebrity and Reputation; Moral Panics in the Media; American and African-American Culture; and the American South

Joel Nathan Rosen (Associate Professor of Sociology) is Program Director in Communications and Media Studies at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. His research is premised on the relationship between human activity and human efficacy as portrayed in media and as demonstrated through such cultural idioms as sport, music, comedy, and other areas that intersect celebrity. He is the author of The Erosion of the American Sporting Ethos: Shifting Attitudes toward Competition (McFarland) and From New Lanark to Mound Bayou: Owenism in the Mississippi Delta (Carolina Academic Press), is coeditor of and a contributor to a multi-volume series that explores the relationship between sport and celebrity (University Press of Mississippi), and has been published in such varied journals and anthologies as The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, 2009-2010, The Sociology of Sport Journal, The Journal of Mundane Behavior, NINE: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture, The Journal of Sport History, and Media History Monographs.



Cathy Welsko | Sr. Support Leader

Office location: Comenius Hall, 208
Office phone: 610-861-1591

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 9.21.39 AM_2.png

Stacey Unterberg-Hill | Support Leader

Office location: Comenius Hall Suite
Office phone: 610-861-1380

Adjunct Faculty


Miles Berkow | Adjunct Professor

Scott Best | Adjunct Professor

Jeffrey Gerhart | Adjunct Professor

Galen Godbey | Adjunct Professor

Office location: Reeve's Library 

Richard Goch | Adjunct Professor

Nicole Huff | Adjunct Professor

Amit Kar | Adjunct Professor

Mike Klatchak | Adjunct Faculty

Rachel Kubel | Adjunct Professor

Monica Law | Adjunct Professor

Rachel McDevitt | Adjunct Professor

JP Orlando | Adjunct Professor

Kathy Ramson | Adjunct Professor

Nathan Schmidt | Adjunct Professor

Richard Stahnke | Adjunct  Professor

Jeffrey Stewart | Adjunct Professor

Joseph Szmania | Adjunct Professor

Dave Taschler | Adjunct Faculty


Emeriti Faculty

Thomas L. Parkinson | Professor of Economics and Business

Shapour Samii | Professor of Economics and Business

G. Alden Sears | Professor of Economics and Business