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Stoudt Family Leadership Development Fund

The Fund and its Purpose

Established through the generosity of Mike ‘87 and Wendy Stoudt, the Stoudt Family Leadership Development Fund removes financial obstacles for Economic and Business majors to pursue leadership development outside of the campus environment. The purpose of the activity is to supplement their academic knowledge with a rich-lived experience, equipping the recipients to share their growth journey with others. Simply put, leaders inspire, and the recipients of the Leadership Development Fund should inspire others to lead. The Fund is accessed through a competitive application process. Fund recipients should demonstrate academic excellence, community involvement, good character, and a stated willingness to cultivate the leader in others.

Words from Wendy and Mike Stoudt

Our businesses and communities need leaders – genuine leaders -- who inspire transformational growth and provide a thriving environment for those around him/her. A successful business leader creates jobs, produces value, multiplies wealth. Successful businesses are transformational -- abandoned neighborhoods are revitalized, the unemployed and hopeless are given hope and jobs, failing schools prosper, and the next generation of leaders is equipped. Leaders leave a legacy! We hope that recipients of the Leadership Development Fund will leave a legacy of generosity with their time, talent, and treasure and that their lives would be inspirational to others.

Recipient Testimonials

"Attending the PICPA Conference on Pennsylvania taxes provided me with one of the best resources regarding state and local tax issues. I was able to learn the latest developments and planning opportunities related to Pennsylvania taxes presented by industry-leading professionals. It also provided a tremendous opportunity for me to apply skills gained at Moravian to current issues in my professional field and I look forward to sharing the important trends within the tax realm with the campus community. "

- Alex Izzo '19

"Last fall, I attended the Forbes 30 Under 30 conference in Boston, Massachusetts. This opportunity reaffirmed for me that you are never too young to create something valuable to others. After speaking with other 20-year-olds about their businesses—which they raised millions in funding for and started after being told by many others that their ideas wouldn't work—I am confident that the world is wide enough for more visionaries, which I consider myself to be. Listening to other current leaders—including a few well-known politicians and very successful businessmen and businesswomen under 30—I further realized the importance of being fearless yet practical, passionate but focused, and open to advice while trusting your instincts."

- Woody Battle '19

"Attending the Forbes 30 Under 30 conference showed me that the most important trait of a leader is resilience. As I listened to the speakers, I realized that experiencing failure before success was a necessity. The speakers were often at inflection points in their careers when they experienced this adversity. Instead of quitting, they dug their heels into the ground and pressed forward, ultimately obtaining success due to their tenacity."

-Thomas Brim '19

How to apply?

Students who have identified a leadership development opportunity and would like to apply for funding, please contact Dr. Barbara Vinciguerra, Chair of the Economics and Business Department, for details.