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Minor requirements

Students who desire to pursue a minor in Africana Studies at Moravian University must successfully complete a minimum of five course units. Requirements include Africana Studies 110 (Introduction to Africana Studies) and four elective courses, of which at least two must be upper-level courses (200 level and above). An Africana Studies course, including special topics courses, will be marked as Africana Studies courses (AFST designation) at each registration period. Qualified students are also encouraged to enroll in an Independent Study for one of the four elective courses. Elective courses can also be pursued at LVAIC institutions or as part of study abroad programs in Africa – these courses must be pre-approved by the program coordinator.

110. Introduction to Africana Studies. (Also Sociology 110) This course explores the significance of Africa and its global descendants through an interdisciplinary approach. The critical methodologies of the humanities and social sciences will be used to consider some of the questions provoked by African and African diaspora experiences. For example, is an African diaspora an objective reality or has it existed solely in response to American and European notions of racial difference? What have been the characteristics encompassed by that reality or those notions of race? Course materials will allow students to survey the lasting contributions of Africans and their descendants to the development of various world civilizations.

190-199, 290-299, 390-399. Special Topics. An investigation of selected interdisciplinary topics in Africana studies. Prerequisite: Africana Studies 110 or permission of the instructor. Staff

286, 381-384. Independent Study. Individual study of an Africana studies topic in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and ability needed for independent work. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor and program coordinator. Staff

288, 386-388. Internship.

400-401. Honors.