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Africana Studies (Minor)

The Africana Studies program aims to encourage students to evaluate critically the historical representations of Africa and the movements of its people across and beyond the continent. In addition, we want to closely examine the rich diversity and continuing contributions of people of African descent within Africa and around the world.

Program Goals

The Africana Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that provides students and the broader community at Moravian University opportunities to explore and learn about the various facets of the historical and contemporary experiences of the peoples of Africa and the African diaspora. To achieve these goals, the program endeavors to:

  • Challenge students in developing broader, critical intellectual and better informed local and global perspectives
  • Prepare students in pursuing careers in multidisciplinary education, social work, law, international affairs, business, diplomacy, race and ethnic relations, non-governmental organizations, urban development, cross-cultural studies and social policy, among others
  • Inspire and promote values of a vibrant learning community, which students and the larger college community recognize, internalize and practice the values of diversity, tolerance, compassion and multiculturalism
  • Encourage and enable students on taking active, leadership roles in civic engagement through service learning and community service both locally and globally.
  • Create new opportunities for students and faculty to travel to Africa and engage with the rich cultural, ethnic, social diversity from across the continent