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Community Outreach

The Africana Studies Advisory Committee is a strong advocate of the view that any Africana Studies program at Moravian University should have an integral community outreach component in it.  Racism and classism remain an intrusive part of our society not only in the Lehigh Valley but also throughout the country. Africana Studies has historically sought to engage with underrepresented and marginalized communities to provide them a platform for empowerment.  In upholding this spirit of activism that has served as one of the defining principles of Africana Studies programs in post-secondary institutions across the United States, the program seeks to establish linkages with community-based organizations in an effort to promote civic engagement and service learning across the campus and into local communities.

The Africana Studies program at Moravian University is striving to develop partnerships with local community groups and schools in an effort to build stronger and empowered communities and to promote positive social change. In seeking these opportunities, the program aims to encourage students pursuing the minor, as well as the general student body at Moravian, to engage with the local communities through volunteer work, internships, and SOAR projects. In the process of reaching out to the communities across the Lehigh Valley, the program also envisions creating spaces on campus for non-college members to engage with members of the Moravian community in a different capacity. Our goal is to build new bridges and broaden the horizons of all parties involved in the process of building a more just, compassionate and understanding society. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit our Office of Career and Civic Engagement to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Moravian University.