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Africana Studies Student Learning Outcomes

The Africana Studies program at Moravian University has adopted the following learning outcomes to enhance and support the intellectual and personal development of students pursuing this minor:

  • Critical Thinking - Challenge students in developing broader, interdisciplinary, critical intellectual and better informed local and global perspectives to foster a broader historical and contemporary understanding of the lives and conditions of peoples of African descent across the globe
  • Service Learning and Social Justice - Engage students in critically reflecting upon issues of social justice in Africa and/or African diasporic communities and promoting values of service, pluralism, tolerance, empathy and compassion within local communities and the world at large
  • Intersectionality - Prepare students to evaluate critical ways in which notions of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, socio-economic class, sexual preference, geographic location, religion, and political affiliation intersect in shaping the historical and lived experience of and within communities across Africa and the African diaspora