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International Studies Minor

The international studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to advance appreciation and understanding of the diversity of the world through an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. The program seeks to generate an appreciation for the interconnected nature of our world, to increase awareness and interest in world cultures and issues, to encourage international study and travel, and to offer students an opportunity to add a global perspective to their major area of study. To achieve these goals, the minor in international studies consists of five course units and a significant experience abroad.

Please view the Moravian University Course Catalog for the most up-to-date information regarding the International Studies Minor, including coursework requirements.

Study Abroad Requirement

In addition to the coursework, the international studies minor requires a significant study abroad experience. This experience abroad may be completed in one of the following ways:

  • One fall or spring term abroad, in which case some of the coursework taken abroad also may count toward the international studies minor, or
  • One intensive four- to six-week international program during the summer, or
  • Two short-term study abroad experiences such as those offered through Moravian University during May Term.

In the second and third options, some credits earned during the travel experience may count toward the international studies minor. Consult with the program advisor before traveling.