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Elevate: Global Perspective

The Elevate experience at Moravian University will give you the opportunity to explore the world and discover new cultures. Whether you’re looking to travel to a new country or stay close to home, you’ll expand your cultural horizons and global perspective through your coursework and campus involvement. 


Travel destinations across the world


Short-term international travel experience funded for each student


Languages available to study at Moravian

Elevate Travel Opportunities

Study Abroad & Study Away

We believe that global travel is essential to your Elevate experience—that’s why every student will have the opportunity to participate in one short-term travel experience that is funded by the University. For you, this might mean attending an international climate change conference or traveling across Spain with your favorite professor to visit castles. Plus, you can take your experience even further with semester-long and summer study abroad opportunities—we offer more than 20 international destinations from which to choose!

Connect With Us

To find out more about Moravian’s Elevate experience, contact your admission counselor at (610) 861-1320 or We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Elevate travel program is a component of the Moravian University Elevate experience, which enables undergraduate students to study abroad.

Who is eligible to participate in the funded Elevate travel program?
Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of two consecutive semesters beginning in Fall 2021 for first-year students and Fall 2022 for first-time transfer students and beyond of full-time study at Moravian will be eligible for the Elevate travel program. This includes students who entered Moravian as first-time, first-year or transfer students (students who have earned college or university credit) prior to matriculation at Moravian University.

Are there any limits on travel destinations?
Elevate travel program destinations have a maximum student capacity. If an eligible student selects a program that is at capacity, the student will have the option to be placed on a waiting list or may select an alternative program.

How can I learn if I am eligible for Elevate Travel?
The Center for Global Education (CGE) is the place where you can learn more about your eligibility for travel under the Elevate program. Be absolutely sure to contact them first to understand if you are officially eligible for Elevate travel. CGE can be reached at or visit the CGE office at 1140 Main Street, 1st floor.

Other Educational Travel Experiences

(Not Eligible for Elevate Travel)

In the Classroom

The study of language and global perspectives will be a foundational element of your education at Moravian. All students are required to take at least one language course (most students take two!) and have the opportunity to pursue further studies in global issues and cultures.

In fact, several courses exist to help students develop a basic comprehension of moral and ethical issues, the responsibilities of citizenship, and a basic understanding of issues that affect us as citizens of the world.

Most of the travel experiences offered at Moravian are embedded into courses—so you can travel away from campus or across the ocean with your classmates and your instructor while earning course credit.