Center for Global Education


ELEVATE is a four-year experience that is individually crafted for undergraduate students through collaboration with their faculty, Career Development Strategist, and student success advisers. For every new full-time undergraduate student, Moravian tuition means access to four essential elements: 

  1. Teamwork and Leadership
  2. Global Experience 
  3. Work Experience
  4. Career Support 

Part of the Global Experience means that beginning with the incoming first-year class in Fall 2021, all full-time undergraduate students will have the opportunity to study away from campus through an ELEVATE short-term travel opportunity. Students must be in good academic and conduct standing at the time they apply to participate in the ELEVATE travel opportunity.  Good academic standing is defined as follows:  undergraduate students may not be on academic probation (2.00 or higher required), on suspension, or be dismissed pending summer school or appeals.  If a student doesn’t want to travel abroad they can work with their advisers to travel within the United States, or even participate in a global experience locally in the Lehigh Valley.


Moravian believes that all of its students should get to experience the world—and be ready to live and work in a world that demands a global perspective. That is why students can choose to study abroad or study within the United States. There are even local options for students who choose to stay close to home. Every student is given the chance to expand their knowledge on how to navigate an interconnected world.

Global Education Mission

Moravian’s global education, embodied throughout the institution, emphasizes the relationships among individuals, human communities, and the natural environment in order to prepare students to live, work, and engage in a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent and interconnected world. By participating in Moravian's global education, students develop (a) global awareness, (b)  knowledge of global interconnectedness and interdependence, and (c) skills of cross-cultural interaction.

Global Education Student Learning Outcomes 

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Courses Available

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Faculty, Adjunct and Staff Proposals

  • New ELEVATE travel abroad/away
  • Staff Facilitator 
  • Exploratory Trip
  • Shadowing Trip