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Global Greyhound Travel Funds

Get your passport ready because the Center for Global Education at Moravian University is dedicated to breaking down the borders of your college education!

We want you to expand your horizons and be ready to live and work in a world that demands a global perspective. While you’re at Moravian, this might mean serving communities in need around the world, traveling across Europe with your favorite professor to visit castles and monasteries from the Middle Ages, or visiting the cloud forest and volcanoes in Central America.

What are Global Greyhound Travel Funds?

After two semesters at Moravian,* you’ll be eligible to apply $2,600 toward the cost of one Moravian University Global Greyhound Short-Term Travel Program! With these funds, many MU-led travel programs will be at little or no extra cost to you! You can choose to travel during winter break, spring break, May term, or summer. Travel programs range in length from seven to 10 days and are led by Moravian faculty and staff.

Global Greyhound Travel Funds are included in your Elevate undergraduate experience, but it’s not an academic requirement. We highly encourage you to participate—you’ll even earn points toward your Equity and Inclusion Career Readiness Digital Badge!

*Undergraduate students who entered Fall ’21 or after and transfer students who entered Fall ’22 (after two consecutive semesters completed at MU)

Destinations Around the World

Travel Courses

  • 1/4, 1/2, or 1 Unit Course
    • Make sure you include your travel course in the total units you take for the semester.
  • Per the course instructor’s plans, classes may be held:
    • For the entire semester
    • For half of the semester before or after your travel
    • Only during travel with limited pre- and post-travel assignments
  • If your travel course does not meet during a traditional semester (the course meets during the Winter term, May Term, Summer I or Summer II ), travel course tuition will be charged to your Student Account.
  • If you do not want to receive credit for the travel course, you must get approval from the instructor to audit the course. There is a $100 audit fee and a $75 travel fee.

Travel Experiences

  • No academic course credit offered
  • Will not have any impact on your final GPA or academic record
  • A $75 travel fee will be applied to your account 
  • Travel and explore the world with your MU community!

Our faculty and staff lead credit-bearing travel courses and non-credit travel experiences to varying destinations each year! You can choose your short-term travel program by location or course topic—for example, you can learn about biodiversity and sustainability in Costa Rica or study archaeology in Israel. All travel programs are open to every major, but some might have additional requirements, such as a language proficiency or prerequisites. 

Here’s a sampling of where our students traveled in recent years:

  • Austria
  • Costa Rica
  • Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Tanzania


At Moravian University, we believe that a global perspective is critical to our students’ success. That means we want every student to have equal access to a potentially life-changing opportunity abroad. As part of your Elevate undergraduate experience, you’ll be eligible to apply $2,600 in Global Greyhound Funds to use toward any Moravian University Global Greyhound Short-Term Travel Program!* You will be responsible for covering additional costs beyond $2,600.

Meet with us in the Center for Global Education to determine the final costs. We can also advise on scholarships and other funding opportunities for your travel!

*Undergraduate students who entered before Fall 2021 and transfer students who entered before Fall 2022 may participate but are responsible for the entire travel program cost.

Your Travel Profile

First, create your Travel Profile online. This notifies the Center for Global Education that you’re interested in a short-term travel program and allows the program leader to review your profile and contact you with more information. Then, upload your passport information or proof of your recent passport application. Students must possess a passport that does not expire six months after their travel program’s return date, or if they do not currently have a valid passport, they must provide proof of application for a new or renewed passport prior to signing up for a short-term travel program.

The Global Greyhound Travel program is a component of the Moravian University Elevate Experience, which enables undergraduate students to study abroad.

Who is eligible to participate in the funded Global Greyhound travel program?

Undergraduate students who have completed a minimum of two consecutive 16-week semesters (traditional fall or spring) beginning in Fall 2021 for first-year students and Fall 2022 for first-time transfer students and beyond of full-time study at Moravian will be eligible for the Elevate travel program. These students are eligible to apply and sign a Travel Agreement only after they have completed two semesters at MU. This includes students who entered Moravian as first-time, first-year or transfer students (students who have earned college or university credit) prior to matriculation at Moravian University.

They must be a matriculating student while traveling, meaning they have to take advantage of their short-term travel program prior to their graduation. A student who will graduate may only utilize Global Greyhound Funds during the immediate subsequent travel term post-graduation. For example, the latest term a student graduating in May 2024 can travel with their travel funds is May term 2024, whereas the latest term a student graduating in December 2024 can travel with their travel funds is Winter Break 2025. 

Are there any limits on travel destinations?

Elevate travel program destinations have a maximum student capacity. If an eligible student selects a program that is at capacity, the student will have the option to be placed on a waiting list or may select an alternative program. Students may only elect to use their travel funds toward faculty or staff-led travel programs.

How can I learn if I am eligible for Global Greyhound Travel?

Access your Travel Portal on AMOS (MU login required) and start your Travel Profile. There will be an indicator that tells you if you are eligible for Elevate travel funds. If you have any questions, CGE can be reached at or visit the CGE office at 1140 Main Street, 1st floor.