Center for Global Education

Center for Global Education

A globally revolutionary college experience

The Center for Global Education centralizes a full range of resources for recruiting and facilitating the success of international students and scholars, education abroad, including advice and assistance in visa applications, immigration, employment, and a variety of cultural matters.

CGE promotes the global perspective of our international students and engages the greater community through events, cultural programs, and workshops. Furthermore, CGE supports international students in becoming acquainted and adjusted to a new culture while preparing them for future leadership.

CGE supports Moravian College students by enabling participation in study abroad and study away opportunities in order to experience the challenge of academic and cultural immersion. CGE maintains a list of more than 40 semester and year long programs of academic study in over 30 locales. Moravian is committed to making education abroad available to all students.

CGE supports academic departments, programs, and individual faculty in their efforts to: create faculty-led study abroad and study away programs; enhance the international and cross-cultural content across the curriculum; and understand travel policies, international and national rules and regulations and academic requirements.