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Student Organizations

International Club 

international Club

President: Raquel Lopez De Boer
Advisor: Dr. Anize Appel

Mission: The International Club aims to promote awareness in international cultures. The International Club hopes to foster a friendly exchange of cultural ideas, practices, and traditions between students, staff, faculty, administrators, and members of the local community on the various cultures they represent. To provide a common ground of understanding between individuals of various ethnic origins at Moravian University, through social, cultural, and educational activities. Members of the International Club will develop deeper understanding of international concerns, while fostering education and awareness programs about global perspectives at the college and in the community. Conversely, the International Club will assist international students in gaining a better understanding of American culture and adjusting to life in the Moravian community.

Saudi Student Club

saudi Students Club

President: Faisal Alheijaili
Advisor: Dr. Anize Appel

Mission: The purpose of the Saudi Students’ Club is to build a cultural bridge between the Saudi student population and the campus and city community through organizing, promoting, and/or supporting cultural and social activities that will result in positive, meaningful exchanges.