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Gateway to Study Abroad

Global Greyhound Travel Portal

The Global Greyhound Travel Portal in AMOS is your gateway to study abroad and study away programs at Moravian University. This portal is where you'll indicate your interest in a trip, upload your travel documents, sign a travel agreement, and more! You will need to login with your Moravian username and password to access the portal. 

Your Next Steps

Step 1

Complete Your Travel Profile

Your Travel Profile in AMOS is where you indicate your interest, telling us what trips you might want to participate in. This step does not require any commitment nor payment. 

Step 2

Upload Your Travel Documents

Upload your passport or proof of passport application/renewal. The CGE team will review your submission within seven business days, in addition to making sure you have a 2.0+ GPA and no financial holds before you can move on to the next steps.

Once you receive the necessary approvals from the CGE, you will be granted Travel Agreement access.

Step 3

Sign Your Travel Agreement

Once you've decided on a travel course or experience, reserve your space on the trip by signing your travel agreement. This step is when you commit to a trip and elect to use your Global Greyhound Travel Funds (if applicable). This is a binding document. Your submission of a travel agreement confirms your space on the respective travel program.

All trips are first-come, first-served. Once the trip's roster is full or the minimum is reached by the travel agreement deadline, the CGE completes conduct checks and the trip leader approves you. Then, you will receive an email with payment information (if applicable). 

If you are taking a travel course, the CGE will register you after the above approvals have been met.

Step 4

Review Pre-Departure Information

Complete the required forms in AMOS and attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation with your travel group. This will take place 4 to 6 weeks prior to travel. 

Payment Information

All travelers will confirm their spot on the trip of their choosing by completing their Travel Agreement. In addition to the travel program cost, all travelers are responsible for paying:

  • $90 travel admin fee for travel insurance
  • Travel course tuition if taken outside of the student's regular course load, or a course audit fee
  • Potential cost for a travel visa
  • Some meals and personal expenses while abroad

Timing of Payments

Before payments are made available...
  1. Travelers must have passed student conduct, Title IX and trip leader approvals.
  2. The maximum traveler capacity of the trip has been reached, or the Travel Agreement deadline has passed and the minimum traveler capacity has been reached. 
  3. The Center for Global Education will send balance requests to Student Accounts on the 5th and 20th of each month. Please allow up to seven business days to view the balance on your account.
  4. All travelers will receive an email from with a payment schedule and instructions.
  5. Travelers will be charged for the entire balance owed and may make payments in increments in alignment with the payment schedule. Travelers should expect to see a balance on their account in the days following to make payments. 
Payment Schedule

Travelers can make payments toward their trip balance on their student account online payment portal, accessed via AMOS. Travelers have the option to pay the balance in full, or pay in increments through the respective due date listed below. 

  • Winter Break Travel: The entire balance for Winter Break trips is due by October 15th.
  • Spring Break Travel: The entire balance for Spring Break trips is due by November 15th.
  • May Term & Summer Travel: The entire balance for May term and Summer trips is due by January 15th.

Self-Pay Travelers

Self-pay travelers will be charged for the entire program cost as listed on the AMOS Travel Portal directly to their student account.

Elevate-Funded Travelers

If a trip cost is less than or equal to the 2024-2025 Elevate Global Greyhound Travel voucher of $2,600, the traveler is not responsible for paying the travel program cost, except for the fees listed directly under "Payment Information" above, and travel course tuition if not part of a traditional semester's course load.

If a trip cost is greater than the 2024-2025 Elevate Global Greyhound Travel voucher of $2,600, the traveler is responsible for paying the difference in travel program cost, in addition to the fees listed listed directly under "Payment Information" above, and travel course tuition if not part of a traditional semester's course load.

  • Students will be charged the difference between the program cost and the Elevate Travel voucher directly to their student account.

Your Travel Itineraries 

Once you've signed a Travel Agreement for a trip, it will appear under the "My Travel Itineraries" section in your travel portal. 

Still need help with the Travel Portal? Contact the Center for Global Education at or by phone: 610.625.7896