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Haddad Classroom
Political Science

Program of Study

The areas of study in virtually every political department fall into four broad categories:  American politics, political theory, comparative, and international politics. At Moravian College we go further. Naturally we prepare students for careers after Moravian College, whether in government, law, teaching, corporate, non-profit sector and beyond. But we seek to transform students in a way that prepares them both for leadership in their chosen field and for moral and political engagement in the world.

The major in political science consists of 10 course units. Four are required:

  • POSC 110 The American Political System
  • POSC 115 International Politics: How the World Works
  • POSC 120 Introduction to Political Thinking
  • POSC 125  Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students also must select one advanced course at the 200 level or above, from three of the following groups:

  • POSC 220, 225, 237, 330, and 340
  • POSC 215250, 260, and 355
  • POSC 210 and 235
  • POSC 245, 247, 327, and 347

Two of the remaining three courses required for the major are to be electives at the 300 level, if not already included above.


Special Topics, Independent Study, and Internship

Courses in special topics and independent study may be substituted for courses at the advanced level, depending on the area in which the student will work and contingent upon departmental approval. Internship (386-388) will be counted as an elective in the major but is contingent upon department approval. Honors candidates take two courses, Political Science 400-401, which are counted within the 10-course requirement. 


Writing-Intensive Courses

Students will be required to take one of the following to meet the College requirement for writing-intensive courses: POSC 225, 327, 330, 347, or 355.


The Minor in Political Science

The minor in political science consists of five course units: two selected from among POSC 110, 115, 120, and 125, and three additional courses selected with the approval of the advisor.

The Interdepartmental Major

Set I of the interdepartmental major consists of six course units: any two of POSC 110, 115, 120, and 125, and four others, two of which may be independent study.