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Global Religions

Program of Study

The Major in Global Religions

As a Major in Global Religions, you will develop a working knowledge of major religious traditions in the world. This requires taking courses in the following areas: Multireligious Studies, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Asian Traditions. The Major is comprised of NINE courses in all, including the senior seminar and an independent study/capstone.  Your courses will include:

  • 3 survey courses (generally 100 level), each from a different tradition/category;
  • 4 advanced courses (generally 200 level), with at least three from different traditions.
  • Religion 370: The Senior Seminar (offered every year in the fall).
  • Religion 385: Directed Reading (this is the Independent Study/Capstone, offered every spring).  Students will present the results of their independent research with a presentation or poster at the spring Student Scholarship Day.

Advanced courses do not have prerequisites; you may take any of them without prior background in Religion. Beyond these nine courses, students are free to select any additional religion courses according to their own interests. You will work with an advisor to assist you to develop your own individualized program of study, including:


In addition to studies in diverse religious traditions, students may choose various self-designed pathways in the major. The list below offers various tags you may click for a list of different offerings in these specific areas.

The tags above may be used to help you craft your own focus; for example, if you wished to focus on Sacred Texts, you could possible study sacred texts in almost every religious tradition we teach. We cannot guarantee, however, that the courses you're looking for will be offered every semester; you'll need to plan ahead and work with your advisor on these issues. The tags also can help you navigate our offerings, choose courses that interest, and plan for options that involve cross-listing courses, since many of the courses ALSO satisfy requirements for the Ethics minor, the Peace and Justice Studies minor, the Gender Studies minor, etc.

The Minor in Global Religions

The minor in religion consists of Religion 370 plus four course units selected with the approval of an advisor. No more than two 100 level courses may count towards the minor. A student who minors in religion has the option of taking Religion 385: Directed Study in Religion, as one of their four courses.