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Global Religions Student Opportunities and Resources

Moravian University Global Religion students enjoying a museum

Student Opportunities and Resources

We encourage students to make use of a wide array of opportunities to deepen and enhance their study in the Department of Global Religions. Among the possibilities to consider:

Travel Seminars

We encourage international study and travel seminars in connection with our program of study.  Ten students participated in a 2017 Mayterm Course in Religion and Peace and Justice Studies to study the legacy of WWII and nuclear weapons in Japan. Find out more about a trip to the borderland between Mexico and Arizona.

Emmalise Mulreaney with Japanese student colleagues from Osaka Ohtani University

Research & Conferences

Religion students have been granted SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) research grants to do independent research with professors over the summer. See the SOAR website for more information. Other Moravian University Religion majors have successfully submitted proposals to present their scholarship at local undergraduate conferences such as the Philosophy Conference, the LVAIC Women's Studies Conference and the Social Justice Conference at Muhlenberg College. Speak with your advisor and professors about how to go about preparing for these great opportunities.

molly and erika

SOAR Summer Students Erika Salus and Molly Lokitis worked with Denton-Borhaug on a research project to create a film based on her course, "What Is Peace?" and exploring Peace Education at Moravian University.

Independent Studies

"For many years, scholars have noticed a strange feature in the Gospel of Mark. While Jesus is presented as the messiah, the author of the Gospel goes to great lengths to show that Jesus tried to keep this identity of his hidden. Some of the greatest minds in New Testament scholarship have vigorously debated why this feature is present in Mark’s Gospel. Some say it is a theological invention while others say it goes back to the historical Jesus himself. But are these two options mutually exclusive? Does only one of these answers give the full truth? There may be more to the story than meets the eye."

- Eric Yeakel

Eric Yeakel '18 


Theta Kappa Alpha

Students who demonstrate excellence in their studies are eligible for induction into the National Religion Honor Society, Theta Kappa Alpha