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In the Department of Religion, you'll study the religious traditions of the world and explore the nature and function of religion in human experience. Through multidisciplinary methods engaging text, theology, ritual, belief, culture, history and more, we investigate the ways religion enriches and complicates the lives of people as a major source of people's values, ideals and practices.

Why Study Religion at Moravian College?

Taking one or more courses in the Religion Department will increase your capacities in the following areas:

  • intercultural learning,
  • engagement of big questions,
  • critical thinking and writing,
  • moral deliberation,
  • and the application of all these skills to new global contexts and lived behaviors.

You're encouraged to bring your own questions to the building of skills in thinking and reading, speaking and writing, and how to approach and understand cultures radically different from your own. Our study helps us learn to listen and understand the differences in and between people.