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Moravian University
Global Religions


196 Development of Christianity, 1500-Present This course will explore the institutions, social forces, ideas, and personalities that shaped the development of the Christian Church from the Reformation to the present. Special emphasis will be placed on the worldwide spread of Protestantism in its various forms and their theologies, as well as the Catholic counter movements to it during this time period. (M1)

226 From Prophecy to Apocalypse An exploration of the phenomenon of prophecy as a social institution, as known in the ancient Near East as well as prophetic literature in biblical texts. The development of apocalyptic thought in Judaism and Christianity will be studied, up to the book of Revelation. (M3)

227 Ancient Near Eastern Religion A study of the religions of the ancient Near East, this course will explore the myths and rituals of the peoples of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Syria-Palestine, and Egypt before the Roman era. Foundational to western civilization in general, these religions also form the cultural context and background for the sacred scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. (M3)

266 History of the Early 18th Century Moravians This course explores the history of the Moravians as an 18th-century transatlantic community. Their communities are an interesting example of 18th-century intentional communities. How were their congregations organized? What did Moravians believe, and how does this relate to other religious groups? How did they perceive their own history, and how did Moravians record history? Eighteenth-century Moravians were highly controversial; we will take a look at some of the polemical writings. In the course we will also explore issues of gender, race, and sexuality. (M1)