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Moravian College
Modern Languages and Literatures

French and Francophone Studies

 French Major
 Francophone Studies Major
 French Minor
 Dual Certification

The French Major

A major in French consists of ten course units above 105, including a minimum of two courses at the 200 level chosen among 210, 215, 241, and 250; and at least two courses at the 300 level, one of which must be taken at the college in the senior year. After completing two courses at the 200 level, students may no longer take 100-level courses.

A French major normally includes the following: French 110, 210, and 215, plus two courses chosen from FR 225, 241 and 250, a minimum one-semester study abroad (in which a minimum of three courses must be taken in the language of study), and two courses at the 300 level.

Only one internship in a modern language may be taken for credit towards a major in that language.

Declaration of major should be done as early as possible, and no later than upon completion of French 210 or 215, or the beginning of the sophomore year.

Special topics courses at the 200 and 300 level may count towards a major; please consult with an advisor.

During their course of study at Moravian College, all students majoring in French will be required to study abroad for a minimum of one semester in a country where French is the principal language. Upon declaring a major in a French, students (in consultation with their advisors) must work out a schedule which will make study abroad possible.

The department recognizes that there will be cases that call for a special exception to the study abroad policy. These cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to apply for an exception to the study abroad policy must contact the Chair of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. Unless the student has already spent a minimum of one year, as an adult, in a country where the foreign language is spoken, the student will not, generally speaking, be waived of the entire study abroad requirement. Courses taken during study abroad must be approved by the department prior to the student's registration for the program.

The Francophone Studies Major

A Francophone Studies Major provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the intellectual and cultural history of French-speaking countries by combining courses in French language and literature with courses from fields such as art, economics, history, and political science. Specifically, the program seeks to broaden the students' understanding of contemporary as well as historical issues related to Francophone cultures.

Program Requirements: 

Ten Courses

  • A. Six courses in the French program (including a minimum of one course at the 300 level)
  • B. Four courses in other departments
  • study abroad  in an approved program in a French-speaking area of the world for one semester (or, in special cases approved by the program director, for a May-term or summer program). These courses must be pre-approved to count toward the major. They may count toward either part of this major. 


A. French program - Six courses (the following groupings I-IV are normally taken sequentially)

I - Required: 

  • FREN 110 Elementary French III (students may test out of this course). This course may only be taken prior to courses at the upper levels. 

II - Required (taken in any order): 

  • FREN 210 Multi-modal Texts: The Individual and Society
  • FREN 215 Multi-modal Texts: Nature, Leisure and Technology

III - Optional (a minimum of two courses taken in any order):

  • FREN 225 French Connections: Letters and Culinary Arts
  • FREN 241 Survey of French and Francophone Literatures
  • FREN 290 Doing Business with the French and Francophone Worlds

IV - Optional (a minimum of one course taken in any order):

  • FREN 350 Conformists and Rebels: Selected works from Seventeenth and Eighteenth-century France
  • FREN 353 A Role of Her Own: Works by French and Francophone Women
  • FREN 295/395 Crises at the Theatre: Survey of Francophone Dramatic Works 
  • Special Topic (in development): Translation: French to English 

B. Other departments - Four Courses

Maximum of two courses in the same department (only one of these may be at the 100 level)

Maximum of two courses overall at the 100 level

These courses have been approved for inclusion in this program: (please note that several of these courses have pre-requisites). 

  • ART 113 Art History Survey: Caves to Cathedrals
  • ART 114 Art History Survey: Renaissance to Abstraction
  • ART 218 Art of the Renaissance 
  • ART 226 Art of the 19th Century
  • ART 229 Modern Art
  • ECON 236 International Economics
  • ENGL 240 Post-Colonial Literature
  • HIST 115 History of Africa
  • HIST 116 Medieval Europe
  • HIST 130 Ancient Greece
  • HIST 237 Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 250 History of Canada to 1885
  • IDIS 110 World Geography and Global Issues
  • POSC 235 Contemporary European Politics
  • THEA 232 Art of the Theatre

The French Minor

The minor consists of five course units above French 105, including French 110, 210, and 215. In French, students must choose two courses from among French 225, 241, and 250.

Dual Certification in Modern Languages and Literatures

When a student completes a full major in one modern language (French, German or Spanish), certification may be obtained in a second under the following conditions:

  • Completion of seven courses above the elementary level in the second modern language, with the understanding that a desired level of proficiency may be reached after completion of fewer than seven courses in exceptional cases. It is also possible that a student may be required to complete work beyond the seven courses if, in the judgment of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department, the competence required for certification has not been achieved. The student must achieve the required 3.00 average in each language to be recommended for certification. Student-teaching experience is required in all languages in which certification is anticipated.
  • The seven courses must include Modern Language 210, 215, and 241 (or equivalent), and one additional literature course. As with all other modern languages and literatures majors, a fall or spring term abroad is required.
  • Students interested in dual certification in modern languages are advised to consult with their Education Department and major advisors early in their academic program.