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Moravian University
Modern Languages and Literatures

Programs of Study

As a Modern Languages and Literatures major, you'll be challenged work toward mastery of a second language and to extend your studies as far as possible in history, economics, management, literature, linguistics, philosophy, art, religion, social work, and music.

For all language majors, extended time in an organized program of study abroad is highly desirable, and you'll be expected to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities for contact with languages and cultures—such as language clubs, foreign films, and other cultural events.

Language Majors and Minors

French German Spanish
French Major German Major Spanish Major for Non-Native Speakers
Francophone Studies German Studies Spanish Major for Heritage Speakers
French Minor German Minor Spanish Minor
International Management International Management International
    Spanish for Health Professionals Certificate Program

Additional Language Courses

In addition to the French, German, and Spanish majors and minors, the Moravian University Modern Languages and Literatures department offers select courses in Arabic, Italian, and Latin.

Want to Add a Foreign Language as a Second Major?

Set I of an interdepartmental major in French, German, or Spanish consists of six course units above Modern Language 105. Courses in Sets I and II are selected by the student with the approval of the advisor. It is possible to combine language study with area studies.