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Modern Languages Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Spain

Study Abroad

Semester and year-long programs provide students the best opportunity to get to know a country, learn about the culture, and improve language proficiency. Majors in French, German, and Spanish are required to study abroad for a minimum of one semester in a country where that language is the principal language. Many minors choose either a semester or a shorter-term study abroad experience. Moravian University supports study abroad by allowing students’ financial aid to transfer.

"Studying abroad was one of the best choices I made in college."

Students can choose between exchange programs and programs run from study abroad providers. Some include options for internships and field experiences, and students completing an internship abroad can take a 0.5 credit course upon return to receive academic credit.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to go abroad, but it made such a difference for me, academically and personally. I'm so glad I went."  

Interested students can talk with their professor: Dr. Axel Hildebrandt, Dr. Joanne McKeown, Dr. J-P Lalande, Dr. Carmen Ferrero, Dr. Nilsa Lasso-von Lang, or Dr. Claudia Mesa.


International Studies

The Office of International Studies (OIS) assists Moravian University students who wish to incorporate an experience abroad into their education