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Modern Languages Research

SOAR Project


Students have opportunities to gain valuable experiences and expertise using their language skills, cultural knowledge and critical thinking. Students in Majors in Modern Languages and Literatures are strongly encouraged to undertake an Honors Project and/or a SOAR Research Project. These research projects are often combined with the students' major or minor. Moravian University also actively encourages students to apply for Fulbright Scholarships.

 Fulbright Scholarships


Established in 1960, the Honors Program at Moravian University provides qualified seniors the opportunity to pursue a yearlong intensive study of a subject of special interest. To participate in Honors, students must have an overall QPA of 3.0, with 3.3 in the proposed field of study. Usually, but not always, the project is in the student’s major. Applicants must propose the topic and secure the support of a faculty member (or members) to supervise the project. In the fall term of the senior year, Honors candidates carry out their research; in the spring, they prepare the Honors paper and defend their work before a panel of five faculty and staff members, one of whom may be from another institution.

Gabrielle Marotta, Sovereigns, Governance, and Due Process in Two Early Modern Spanish Dramas
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Claudia Mesa (Spanish)

Victoria Clark, Attitudes toward Muslims as Seen Through the Cancioneros of 15th and 16th Century Spain.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Larry Lipkis (Music)

Amanda Moreno-Bonilla, Stereotypes and Female Representation in Spanish Cinema.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Claudia Mesa (Spanish)

Melissa Zirkel, Musik im Konzentrationslager: The Role of Orchestras and Musicians in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Sachsenhausen.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Axel Hildebrandt (German) and Dr. Larry Lipkis (Music)


Miranda L. Cooper, Femme Savante or Leisure Painter: Translating the Text of Catherine Perrot.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Joanne McKeown (French) and Dr. Diane Radycki (Art History)

Samuel Grigsby, The Place and Practice of Interculturality in Contemporary Ecuador.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Erica Yozell (Spanish) and Dr. Sandra Aguilar (History)

Katherine Pritchett, The Construction of Community in Turn-of- the Century Latin American Crónicas.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Erica Yozell (Spanish)

Jamie Thierolf, Best Teaching Strategies for Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Nilsa Lasso-Von Lang (Spanish) and Dr. Camie Modjadidi (Education)


Katerina A. Ponomarev, East german Privatization Process during the German Unification:  Evaluating Economic and Social Impact of Treuhand Transactions.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Axel  Hildebrandt (German) and Dr. Eva Marikova Leeds (Economics)
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Jessica L. Andersen, Be This, Not That.  The Battle for Frenchness.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande (French) and Dr. Gary Olson (Political Science)

Jessica Freidly, Classical Mythology in French Theatre.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joanne McKeown (French)

Katherine I. Steinly, A Tale of Two Walls: An Investigation of the Nation and the Other.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Axel Hildebrandt (German) and Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug (Religion)

Marisa N. Vargo, Family Ties in the Films of Pedro Almodóvar.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Claudia Mesa (Spanish)
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Ehrenburg, Pololos, Prostitucion y el Palacio de El Pardo:  Identity and Gender Role Contradictions for Spanish Women during the 1940's - 1950's.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carmen Ferrero (Spanish)

SOAR Research

SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) provides stipends, travel allowances, and expenses for students engaged in research or creative activities through close interaction with a faculty mentor. The program helps Moravian students gain a better understanding of scholarship in their discipline, and fosters scholar-colleague relationships. SOAR stipends can be as high as $3,000 for summer work.

bonilla research page.jpg

Narratives of Place and Belonging to the Digital Age

Amanda Moreno-Bonilla '13 explores the different ways in which intellectuals and Argentine indigenous community leaders articulate a vision of concepts such as community, citizenship, belonging within a nation, and national discourse.

lambert research page.jpg

Mentoring student teachers: making this important work succeed

The goal of Carlie Lambert '13's SOAR project was to find the difficulties that lie in the relationship between a cooperating teacher and his/her student teacher. 

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Cantigas and Cancioneros: Preparing a Performer's Guide to the Music of Medieval and Renaissance Spain

Learn how Victoria Clark '13 prepared a performer's guide to the music of Medieval and Renaissance Spain for the Early Music concert at Moravian University and a future project for the National Endowment of the Humanities.


Cody Moyer, "Catherine Perrot Meets Moliere: Pictures, Plays and Voices."
Project Advisor: Dr. Joanne McKeown.


Katherine Prichett, “Citizenship and Subjectivity in contemporary Southern Cone Literature.
Project Advisor: Dr. Erica Yozell.


Amanda Moreno-Bonilla, “Narratives of Place and Belonging to the Digital Age”
Project Advisor: Dr. Erica Yozell

Victoria Clark, “Cantigas and Cancioneros: Preparing a Performer's Guide to the Music of Medieval and Renaissance Spain.”
Project Advisors: Dr. Hilde Binford and Dr. Larry Lipkis.


Carlie Lambert, "Mentoring Student Teachers; Making This Important Work Succeed.”
Project Advisor: Dr. Joanne McKeown.


Marisa Vargo, “Contemporary Post-Dictatorship Film in Argentina and Chile.”
Project Advisor: Dr. Erica Yozell.

Jessica Andersen, “Translation as Scholarship: The Story of Estelle Retold as New.”
Project Advisor: Dr. Joanne McKeown.