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Theatre Undergraduate Program

Actors in a MUTC production

Moravian Theatre

Undergraduate Program

Theatre Major

Although there is no prescribed Theatre Major at Moravian, students interested in pursuing Theatre as a course of study can work with faculty to create a self-designed major tailored to their interest.

Theatre Minor

The Theatre Minor gives students the opportunity to develop communication and creative problem solving skills as they learn the art and technique of communicating a play to an audience.  Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of theatre production and their own artistic voice in a combination of classroom and laboratory environments. Within the minor, a student may focus on an area of particular interest (performing, directing, writing, etc), but all students will become more proficient in collaboration, communication, creative problem solving, interpretation, and self-awareness.  


    • THEA 135 Introduction to Performance
    (Directing, Design, Performance, Playwriting, Stage Management, etc) Chose one of the following:
    • THEA 232 / ENGL 232 Art of Theatre
    • THEA 235 Shakespeare with Swords
    • One unit in directing, design, performance, playwriting or stage management, to be chosen from courses offered at Moravian or another LVAIC institution. Special topics, independent study or internship courses may be included, with approval of the program director.
    Chose one of the following, or another approved Moravian or LVAIC course in dramatic Literature or Theatre History:
    • THEA 330 / ENGL 330. Shakespeare
    • ENGL 233. Modern Drama and Theater.
    • ENGL 234. American Drama and Theater
    • Or special topics courses in Dramatic Literature or Theatre History, with approval of the program director.  
  4. ELECTIVE (one unit)
    Chose one of the following:  
    • A second theatre production course  
    • A full unit of approved Vocal Music courses
    • A full unit of approved Dance courses
    • A second dramatic literature course
      For foreign language students, this could include FREN360/THEA360 (20th-Century French Theater), GERM350/THEA350 (20th-Century German Theater), SPAN342/THEA342 (Love and Jealousy from Cervantes to Almodóvar), SPAN354/THEA354 (Emblems and Visual Culture in Early Modern Spain) or FOR115/THEA115 (Spanish Masterpieces in Translation) however, note that courses cannot count toward BOTH a major and a minor)
    • An approved arts management course  
    • Internship or Independent Study with approval of the program director.
    • An approved LVAIC theatre course  

      NOTE: Other complementary courses—including special topics courses—may be count as the elective with approval of Theatre Minor advisor  
  5. MAJOR PROJECT (one unit)
    • THEA 385
      Performance of a major role, completion of a primary design, stage management of a fully staged production, etc. Typically completed in a student's senior year. TO INCLUDE: Process journal with entries for each rehearsal/session; Accompanying readings; Weekly meetings with advisor; Completion of a personal artistic statement that looks back over previous experiences including practicum, evaluates progress, and identifies strengths, challenges, and goals.
    THEA 111 Theatre Practicum
    • Participation (in an approved capacity) in TWO theatre productions, with accompanying self-evaluation. Could be pre-production research, performance, building, painting, writing, directing, design, etc. One of the practica may be in a related discipline (such as Dance Company participation) if authorized by the minor advisor.
    • THEA 111 is the NON-CREDIT-BEARING course that tracks involvement in THEATRE. Students should register for THEA 111 if they PARTICIPATE in Theatre activities during the semester.


  • Only one internship may be counted toward the minor
  • Only one independent study may be counted toward the minor
  • With approval, a credit-bearing study abroad course focusing on theatre may be substituted for an internship.
  • Multiple approved partial-unit courses may be added together to fulfill the elective requirement.
  • With approval of the program director, student teaching in a high school drama classroom or theatre-related honors project may be used to fulfill the “Major Project” requirement.
  • Up to two units in transfer courses outside of LVAIC may count towards the theatre minor.  Courses must be pre-approved by the program director prior to the student’s enrollment in the courses.  Transfer courses are subject to institutional policies regarding transfer of courses.  

Independent Study & Cross-Registration

When students want to study an aspect of theatre that is not covered in a course currently offered, they've still got options!  

Independent Study

Students can design their own courses with the guidance of faculty.  Independent studies through the Theatre Program have included:

  • Casting
  • Stage management
  • Directing
  • Stage Directing II: Directing The Musical
  • Screenwriting--Feature Film  
  • Screenwriting--Television
  • Multicultural Theatre
  • Writing the One-Act Play
  • Youth Theatre Education

LVAIC Cross-Registration

Moravian University, in conjunction with DeSales University, Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Muhlenberg College, is a member of the Lehigh Valley association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC).  Moravian University students have the unique opportunity to enroll in one of these institutions through LVAIC cross registration. For more detailed information, refer to the LVAIC registration policy.