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Actors in a MUTC production

Moravian University Theatre

2020-21 Season

We are living in strange times. Many aspects of life this year are different from what we are used to.  Many things have had to change and adapt.

Theatre is a live form that focuses on human connection.  As such, it is at the same time all the more important and all the more difficult during this health crisis. Theatre is a collaborative art form.  It is made by people coming together and creating as a group. It is shared by people coming together in a collective experience.  Theatre is especially important now because we feel isolated and in need of human connection.  It is made difficult because it is unsafe to gather in groups!

But our society is facing more than a public health crisis:  we are also in the midst of political and social upheaval. Theatre has a rich tradition of political and social action.  It helps us explore difficult questions, holding a mirror up to society, encouraging us to see ourselves as we really are, and what we might become. 

So we NEED theatre now, and it is hard to DO theatre now.  

At Moravian this year, we will not offer a traditional season.  We will not hold live events for the public.  But we will DO THEATRE.  We will still come together to CREATE and SHARE, but in new ways.  Our activities will be driven by the needs and ambitions of our students, and handled in a way that is safe but rewarding.  (We like ARTISTIC risk, but we don’t like risking our health!)  We will look for ways to share our work with the community, but the delivery mode will depend on the creative work.  We might live stream a play reading, for example, or we might perform something outdoors with  physically-distanced performers and audience. There may be some activities that are simply not shared, but are done strictly for the enrichment of the participating students.

Our graduate students in the Performance Creation MFA program have already begun to find creative models for safely sharing performances, such as a performance that was live-streamed from a car, or a one-man show streamed from an empty theatre.  Our partners at Touchstone Theatre have launched a live face-to-face performance series with the audience sitting at tables in the company’s Southside Bethlehem parking lot, and the performers standing on balconies nearby.  

Creativity, flexibility and innovation have always been part of making theatre.  Theatre artists are well-suited to the challenges of this strange new world

The Moravian University Theatre Company invites you to come along for the journey… to destinations unknown.


***Moravian's Arena Theatre now includes a wheelchair accessible viewing area.***

Moravian University encourages persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact the event sponsor (, or call 610-861-1489.