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About MU Theatre Company

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The Moravian University Theatre Company

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Are you feeling the need to ACT OUT? Channel it—do theatre!  

Moravian University as been doing student-run theater since 1908. Although it's gone through many changes over the last century, the Moravian University Theater Company has become an active student organization and an important part of life on campus.

The mission of the Theatre Company is...  

" enrich the liberal arts education of Moravian University students, as well as our extended Lehigh Valley community through exposure to and participation in the theatre arts. The organization, through its activities in the theatre arts, provides an experience involving intellectual, emotional, and physical growth, which contributes to the personal and social development of the individual."  

The company produces an annual season that typically includes a play reading series, full productions and workshops--usually between six and eight events in all. Sometimes we do musicals, sometimes classic dramas, and sometimes cutting edge new work. Each year, students who are members of the Theatre Company can propose projects for the following season, so much of what the company does is determined by the students. That also means that the "flavor" of the season changes from year to year depending on student interest and involvement.  

***Please see our “2020-2021 Season” page for COVID-related changes***

It's easy to get involved!  Come to one of our meetings at the beginning of any semester for more information, or show up to auditions and talk to the the members of the company. (It's not scary!) We often do plays with flexible cast size to accommodate all the students who are interested.  

Come check us out!

Student Company Officers

Gabrielle Stanley  
MCTC Student Company Manager  

Eric Bushta
MCTC Student Marketing Manager  

Zachary Filliben
MCTC Facilities Manager