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Arts On The Move

Arts on the Move - Your Key To Unlock The Arts in the Lehigh Valley


Your key to unlock THE ARTS

There’s no substitute for experiencing the arts. The arts feed the soul and challenge the mind.

But “art-going” can be expensive habit. The cost of tickets can sometimes build a wall around art... a locked door keeping would-be art-goers away.

But what if price didn’t matter? What if tickets dropped into your lap? At Moravian University, they can.

Imagine that wall crumbling down. Imagine that door being unlocked. ARTS ON THE MOVE provides the magic key—a free pass to the wide world of arts in the Lehigh Valley.

Moravian University is footing the bill for you to go out into the community and see films, concerts, plays, exhibits & more!

An exhilarating concert. A compelling play. A thought-provoking film. A shocking exhibit.

Right now, during your time at Moravian, you can go out into the community and sample it all: CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, THEATRE, DANCE, FILM... and, for a limited time, you can do it ALL FOR FREE.

  • Think of it as an arts shopping spree.
  • An all-inclusive arts vacay.
  • An all-you-can-eat arts buffet.

That’s right: the buffet line is open, ARTS ON THE MOVE is footing the bill, and we invite you to gorge!

About the Program

There’s a thriving arts scene in the Lehigh Valley.  Go out into the community and take advantage of it!

Currently, there are no limitations on how many times a student can use the program, or visit a particular location, but note that transportation and travel reimbursement are not provided. Faculty members are encouraged to participate, and their ticket will also be reimbursed if they are leading a student group.

The Process is Simple

  1. Pick a local cultural arts event. 
  2. Submit a funding request to ARTS ON THE MOVE. 
  3. If approved, you buy tickets and submit your receipt… and the cost of your tickets is reimbursed.

Possible Venues

Here is a list of area arts venues to get you started, but you can propose events from any place in the Lehigh Valley.  Which events get approved? The line between arts and entertainment is blurry, and judgments are made on a case-by-case basis.  (Pop music concerts are typically not funded.  Blockbuster films are not funded.) If you aren’t sure about an event, there’s no harm in asking!









Arts on the Move


Ready to dive in?