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Theatre Student Research and Creative Activity

SOAR Project

Moravian Theatre

Student Research and Creative Activity

Student-Initiated, Student-Directed Theatre Projects  

Eligible undergraduate students can propose projects to be included in Moravian's theatre season. Options include:  

  • Friday Night Play Reading Series
    (scripts in hand, 5 rehearsals, little/no tech or budget)
  • Workshop Production
    (no scripts, 3 weeks rehearsal, light tech, small budget)  
  • Full Production
    (5 weeks rehearsal, full tech, full budget)    

Examples of Undergraduate Student Projects

  • "Bury The Dead" Student-directed reading, fall 2022
  • "Mars Needs Women, But Not As Much As Arnold Schecter" Student-directed reading, spring 2023
  • "Puzzle Pieces" Student-directed reading, fall 2021
  • "Vincent" student-directed production, fall 2020
  • "Truth//Delusion" Student-written, student-directed full production, spring 2019
  • "One Night" Student-written, student-directed reading spring 2019
  • "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" Student-directed full production, fall 2018
  • “The Homecoming” Student-directed full production, fall 2018  
  • “A Midsummer Night's Dream” Student-directed reading spring 2018
  • “Boeing Boeing” Student-directed full production spring 2017  
  • "Stuff" Student-created, Faculty-directed full production spring 2017  
  • “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-moon Marigolds” Student-directed full production spring 2016
  • “An Ideal Husband” Student-directed fall 2016  
  • "Exhibit A" Student/faculty-co-written Faculty-directed full production fall 2015  
  • “Superstory” Student-written, Faculty-directed full musical production fall 2014  

MFA students complete a variety of creative projects as part of their course of study.  

Examples of Graduate Student Projects:

  • "HERE" a devised performance by Larry Mason, Latrice Young, Tyler Garrett and Shalain McCall.
  • "The Franchise Relocation Podcast" a podcast by Robert Mills
  • "The Perfect Illusion" An original play by Krystal Danielle
  • "The Colorism Project" An original play by Krystal Danielle
  • "Sports & Us" Live performance at F&A Grog House by Robert Mills
  • "Who Wants to be Matt?" An original play by Matt Prideaux
  • "Welcome Home" An Audio tour by Sara Group
  • "Wish You Were Here: Zion" An audio experience by Sara Group
  • "Is Love So Small A Pain?" An adaptation of Medea by Abbie Jean Litman & Matt Prideaux
  • "The Adventures of Knick Knack and Paddy Whack" and educational video and workshop series by Abbie Jean Litman.
  • "The Conversation Parlor"  A one-on-one interactive performance by Matt Prideaux

Honors Program

The Honors program offers the qualified senior student the opportunity to work on a year-long independent, intensive research project on a specific topic of his or her choice. A senior admitted to the Honors program is expected to work on his or her project during the fall and spring terms under the guidance of a faculty member who serves as the Honors Project advisor, devoting no less time in each term than would be devoted to a course unit. For more information regarding the policies and procedures for the Honors Program, please visit the Moravian University Honors Program website.  

SOAR Program

The goal of the Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) program is to facilitate student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor. To this end, the program provides stipends, travel allowances, and research expenses to support students and their faculty mentors as they engage in scholarly or creative work. Since its inception in 1998, the SOAR program has supported projects with student and faculty participation across every academic discipline at the college. For more information regarding the policies and procedures for the SOAR program, please visit the Moravian University SOAR Program website.    

Recent SOAR Projects

Corinne Philbin—SOAR
"Flavor of Bethlehem: A Celebration of People and Food" 
Christopher Shorr, advisor

Sam Weinberg—SOAR
"Exhibit A: Multiculturalism and Stereotype in the Twenty-first Century" 
Christopher Shorr, advisor