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Peace and Justice

Peace and Justice Studies at Moravian University

Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

"Listening is the beginning of peace." — Elise Boulding


The minor in Peace and Justice Studies at Moravian University is for students engaged in just about any major who wish to supplement their studies with a focus on peace and justice, social analysis, ethical deliberation, peacemaking, conflict resolution, reconciliation and more.   Whether you are a nursing or business major, English literature or sociology major, religion or science major, if you are dedicated to using your college education to help you become a more effective and creative agent for positive personal and social transformation, you should consider the PJ minor!

Having a PJ minor in addition to your major course of study will set you apart in any grad school application, as well as employment applications for non-profits, education, religious institutions, legal institutions, social work, and the business world.


The Peace and Justice Minor is co-directed by Dr. Daniel Jasper (Dept. of Sociology) and Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug (Dept. of Religion).  Please call and/or email either of them for more information, or to have an informal conversation about the PJ minor and your major course of study at Moravian University. 

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