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Peace and Justice Student Opportunities

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Peace and Justice Student Opportunities

Honors Project 

Megan Curtis, Economics Major, Peace and Justice Studies Minor, 2024 

Honors Project: "Water Practices in Rural Bangladesh: an Economics and Peace and Justice study" 
This project is the first undergraduate research paper that attempts to evaluate the actual impact of the improved information on influencing safe water practices of rural Bangladeshi villagers. Through a peace and justice framework combined with an economic empirical analysis, this work contributes to a deeper understanding of the barriers to accessing safe water. Thus, this work not only contributes to previous economic analyses and interventions but also highlights the importance of collaboration between economic principles and the values of peace and justice studies in addressing complex societal challenges.

Dr. Sonia Aziz, Megan Curtis and Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug

Study Abroad May Term Course

Japan: Exploring Japanese Culture through Peacebuilding and Health 

Faculty Facilitators: Dr. Karen Groller and Dr. Anastasia Thévenin

May 13 to May 25, 2024

The course seeks to facilitate student awareness of health problems and disparities through exposure to Japanese culture. Investigation of past historical events (e.g. atomic bombings and nuclear accidents) will guide exploration of current community climates and their impact  on peacebuilding, health behaviors, and current biomedical research in cancer biology. Students will visit medical and cancer research facilities, as well as peace memorials and museums around Japan (Osaka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kyoto).


Past Opportunities Includes: 

SOAR Summer Project: Exploring Peace


SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) Students Erika Salus and Molly Lokitis worked with Denton-Borhaug to create a film drawing from the course "What Is Peace?" and exploring Peace Education at Moravian University and Beyond.  SOAR makes it possible for such students to live on campus during the summer, and also provides them with a living stipend to support their full-time research projects.

See their film!

Study Abroad May Term Course


Inaugural InFocus Global Seminar

Okada students

In 2016, laying the groundwork for President Obama’s upcoming historic visit to Hiroshima, Secretary of State John Kerry said, "Everyone should visit Hiroshima, and everyone means everyone."  Moravian University is proud to provide an opportunity for students to visit Hiroshima as part of this inaugural InFocus Global Seminar. Students will visit important historical and cultural sites; learn about diverse Japanese perspectives about peace and war; and dip into fun and fascinating aspects of Japanese cuisine, history, entertainment, art, religion and culture. Led by two Moravian University professors, students will explore firsthand the continuing legacy of World War II, be exposed to the history and urgent contemporary questions regarding nuclear weapons, and meet with various individuals and groups who are involved in creative efforts to build peace cultures in Japan and the world. 


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We Welcome Peace and Justice Scholars in Residence, Claude AnShin Thomas and Wiebke KenShin, in fall 2017.  Among many activities, they will offer the below class for Moravian students:

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