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Accessibility Services

students' rights and responsibilities

Below are the students' rights and responsibilities:

  • A student will give permission to the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) so that the ASC may notify their instructors listed on their current academic semester schedule of their reasonable disability accommodations.
  • It is the student's responsibility to notify the ASC if they change their class schedule anytime after the registration period so that the ASC can send their accommodations to their new professors in the updated classes. 
  • The student agrees to the following communications in regard to my accommodations:
    • Communicate with my instructor(s) if I am planning to use my approved accommodations in the classroom, lab, clinical setting, field trips, field experiences, etc.  Although my instructor(s) will be notified of my approved accommodations upon my permission, I understand that it is mandatory that I  communicate with my instructor(s) regarding the use of my accommodations.  
    • Communicate with my instructor(s) at least one week prior to the quiz or exam if I am planning on using testing accommodations. This is the only way I will know where to take my exam as well as the beginning and ending time of my exam. I understand that accommodations are not active until I have communicated with my instructor.
      • If taking the exam in the ASC, I will complete the Exam Request Form, ask my professor(s) to complete the bottom portion, and submit it to ASC at least one week prior to the exam date.
      • In order to plan accordingly, I will communicate with the ASC at least seven (7) days before each exam. For mid-terms and final exams, I will communicate at least two (2) weeks prior to my exam.  I understand that exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  I understand that staff and space are limited in the ASC and will be flexible with the dates and times that I will take my exam(s).  
      • I will accept the Google Calendar invitation that the ASC sends to me for the date and time of my exam.
      • I will notify the ASC of any changes to my exam time and/or location as soon as I am aware of the change.
    • If I am approved for note-taking assistance or alternative text, I will explore all options presented to me by the ASC and will communicate feedback regarding those options and how those options work best for me.  
    • If I experience any difficulty or have questions with regards to using my accommodations, I will contact the ASC to discuss my concerns by calling 610-861-1401 or sending an email to