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Global Education Global Impact

Greyhounds making a difference around the globe


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Taking Action Toward Sustainability

Sarabeth Brockley ’10

“It was the type of moment when you have someone in your life who is pretty powerful and who, without your realizing it, sets you on a course that later you can’t imagine would have been any different.”


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Trees Grow in the Gambia

Krystal Dering ’15

“I’ve learned that there is never one right way to do anything, and I have come to see that everything is connected—that everything we do has an impact.”



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Mentoring Youth in Ukraine

Niki Maffettone ’17

"I am not sure what’s next for me after Peace Corps, but I know that I will always have a home in Ukraine.”

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A Doctor for the Developing World

Terry O’Rourke ’86

“This is what I was meant to do. That’s a great feeling. I took my medical knowledge, I poured it out, and it made a difference.”




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Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Jonle Sedar ’91

“I love seeing the growth, particularly of the university students, who step out of their comfort zone to study abroad in a new country.”