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Greyhounds Around the Globe

Greyhounds around the Globe

Curiosity, exploration, adventure, personal enrichment—they exist in our cultural DNA. In the 1700s, Moravians migrated from their community of Hernhut in Saxony to other regions of Europe and to Africa, the Caribbean, and the American colonies, where they founded Bethlehem. Today Moravian College alumni venture from Bethlehem to Europe, Asia, Central America, and other parts of the world to work and live and immerse themselves in cultures different from their own.

Here, eight alumni tell of their journeys to homes away from home, their embrace of new cultures, and how their experience shapes their world view and—even if only incrementally—increases global understanding.


Jennifer Carrier Dorman '98
Berlin, Germany
A love of language, education, and Germany led Dorman to Berlin, where history and modern innovation meet to make life always interesting.


Nate Ferraro '13
Asia and Africa
A journey that began in rural Armenia, where Ferraro did economic research for Peace Corps Response, has led
 this Moravian alum to Somalia and Jordan.


Andrew Watson '12
Dublin, Ireland
Sometimes we follow our heart to new places. Watson followed his to Ireland.


Jonle Sedar '91
Costa Rica
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, native Sedar has made Costa Rica her home. There she serves as a conduit for the exchange of world cultures.


Timothy Smetana '11
Prague, Czech Republic
Smetana returns to a city he fell in love with as an undergraduate at Moravian.


Brian Unangst '00 and Evelyn Garcia Unangst '14
San Juan, Puerto Rico
The chance to introduce their children to a new culture was one that the Unangsts couldn't pass up.


Kasey Lund Walker '09 and Jeremy Walker '07
Paris, France
Moravian College helped launch the Walkers from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Paris, France.


Alan Zelt '64
Zelt never lived abroad, but he and his wife have chosen to retire to Malta, an island country that lies below Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.