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We asked students to describe Moravian University in one word. Here’s what they told us.


Home is where your heart is. —Alyssa Flannery ’20

Home is the place where you wake up and fall asleep, where family greets and supports you, and where memories are made. —Margaret Jones ’20

Moravian University has always felt like a second home to me because of the friendly environment and connections I’ve made with faculty and students. —Brooke Santy ’20

Moravian is my home away from home. —Emerson Gieryic ’21

My peers and professors are kind and familiar and make the college feel like home. —Marley Palmere ’22

Comenius Hall at dusk


Being an only child, I often spent my childhood finding ways to entertain myself and looked to my friends when I wanted to spend time with others. With that said, I commuted to Moravian, and at first I found it very difficult to find any reason to stay on campus after my classes, but that changed. The kindness of our community strikes me as Moravian University’s most profound quality. No price tag can be put on the relationships I have made while at Moravian, and there is no limit to the gratitude I have for them. From students to faculty to staff, the people at Moravian have become my family, and I know I will maintain those relationships far beyond my time as an undergraduate. I am beyond proud to be a member of the family and forever grateful I will always be a Greyhound no matter where life takes me. —Austin Lewis ’20

Two male Moravian students outside Comenius Hall


In a world full of divisiveness in government, education, and elsewhere, Moravian students, faculty, and staff collaborate to createthe finest experience for undergraduate students. Throughout my four years at Moravian, I collaborated with inspiring individuals that motivated me to do my best. They’ve helped to shape my perspective while understanding my point of view. —Justin Vatti ’20

During my time at Moravian, I witnessed countless examples of departments working together to help students get a broader vision of a liberal arts education. Additionally, I was very fortunate to have met many hard-working students who collaborated with me on group projects. Moravian fosters community and collaboration that make our education truly impactful. —Steven Berger ’20

Professor Nate Shank collaborates with two math students at the white board.


I have friends from all over who are all interested in different things, but we can all come together. —Samantha Doyen ’20


Moravian University has a proud history of firsts. —Cody Yarnell ’20


The students and professors at Moravian University possess an incredible tenacity that helps us to excel in our studies, dreams, aspirations, and careers. —Julius Sarkozy ’21

Students around the virtual cadaver lab learn anatomy


Throughout my time at Moravian, I never felt like I was being put through a cookie-cutter program. I had the opportunity to design my program to what fits my learning needs. This enabled me, as a performance major, to gain acceptance to graduate school for music therapy. This might not have happened if I was forced down a particular path. —Cayden Wisner ’20

Moravian student gives two thumbs up by the river in Erfurt Germany.


I've been exposed to so many new opportunities and experiences that have shaped me to be the person I am and that I never would have had if I didn’t come to Moravian. —Carly Danoski ’20

Beginning with my freshman year, I took advantage of almost every opportunity that came my way: I attended the LeaderShape Institute in 2017, I was an RA for two of my four years, I held multiple leadership positions in Greek Life, and I studied abroad three times, once for a full semester. I obtained an internship in Kansas City through an alum. I had work studies with the Center for Global Education, Phonathon, and the alumni office, and I worked at the bookstore. And there’s probably more! —Bryn Wiragh ’20

I had the opportunity to partake in hands-on research through SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) and the honors program. This helped me realize my potential and inspired me to apply to PhD programs. I found out who I was at Moravian University, and that opportunity was made possible by the amazing faculty and programs that Moravian offers. —Megan Konrath ’20

I have had the opportunity to do so many things during my four years at Moravian either through the college or because of people that I met and connected with at the school. And these connections will last well into the future. —Kellan Pisani ’20

Coming to Moravian University as a transfer student was in itself an opportunity as well as a vote of confidence in me, and Moravian has opened so many doors that have helped and will continue to help in my professional and personal life. —Alvaro Belmonte ’20

Kara Mosovsky, assistant professor of biology, supervises a student's research in the lab.


Through the connections I made, no matter the problems I was facing, I was never in short supply of support, thanks to great faculty and some truly amazing friendships. —Dalton Hornberger ’20


Moravian just has a talent for finding the kindest and most supportive people. Everyone on this campus is so warm, helpful, and welcoming. —Vanessa Blose ’20

A student gives a bouquet of flowers to her friend.


The encouragement and support I found at Moravian motivated me to apply myself in ways I never thought possible. —Shianne Reimer ’20


The opportunities provided throughout my Moravian University education helped me connect with a diverse array of people. I formed lasting connections with my peers and future colleagues as well as mentors and community partners, which will benefit me in both my personal and professional life after graduation. —Autumn Schray ’20

Students network with alumni in the HUB Pavilion.


The college has always provided a strong sense of community, and we have all experienced it from the very beginning of our journey here. Moravian welcomes and supports others, whether on campus or in the greater community of Bethlehem. And the college has a strong presence in Bethlehem full of positivity and compassion and an unwavering willingness to offer a helping hand. I know this feeling is not going to leave once we graduate, and we will always be welcome to come back and be with our fellow Hounds. —Sarah Riegel ’20

The small, close-knit atmosphere of the college creates a beautiful, family-like connection between every person on campus. I have gotten to know so many professors and students on a personal level and gained so many beautiful relationships. Everywhere I turn, there is always a familiar, friendly face, making me feel welcome. Although it sounds cliché, I truly feel that I have become part of a family as a student at this school. —Cora Castor ’21

The people that come together in friendship, academics, and service is what makes me devoted and thankful for my experience at Moravian. —Vina-Andrea Aguirre ’20

All of the professors, staff members, and fellow peers work together to create a tight-knit family environment within the college. I have loved all of the unique experiences I have been able to have because of Moravian. —Corinne Philbin ’20

A diverse group of students pose playfully for the camera outside near the HUB.


Just as animals learn to adapt to changing environments, students at Moravian University grow and change in a positive, educational environment. The college brings education to many types of students from around the world who wish to adapt to the life of a degree-seeking student while earning a world-class education. —Kathleen Mayer ’20


Moravian University comprises so much history, from serving as a Revolutionary War hospital to now, so many years later, supporting the challenges and healthcare demands that have arisen under the coronavirus pandemic. The Class of 2020 will be in the history books forever. —Jessica McCormick ’20


The relaxed atmosphere provides students with an environment well suited for pursuing one’s interests and for connecting with others who share those same passions. —Sonya Hennet ’20

Students stand arm-in-arm around the 1742 splotch.


I was born in Bethlehem, and I used to live to the right of where the Sally Building sits today. I went to William Penn Elementary School, and my stomping grounds always included Moravian’s campus. —Benjamin Sanchez ’20


I wanted to find a word that was synonymous with the message of Comenius in which he speaks of all children being given access to education and landed on uplifting. —Brandon Faust ’20


Moravian University is the first step to my future career. —Brenden Malloy ’20

Members of the cross-country team form a circle.


What stands out to me about Moravian University is the fact that, particularly in the music department, the faculty is incredibly accommodating of a diverse array of interests and, in general, caters toward these interests and puts the students first. —Johanna Pearson ’21

Moravian University’s small size allows for flexibility. —Noah Rosenthal ’20


There were always plenty of opportunities for me to expand my interests and step out of my comfort zone. —Mairead Young ’20


The nursing program gave me a multitude of hands-on learning experiences and research opportunities to increase my clinical skills and knowledge, widen my community perspectives, and share implications for change. The faculty at Moravian are passionate and provided me with continued support while challenging me to think critically and act purposefully. Moravian gave me the ability to collaborate with those who had similar visions, to have a voice, and to become involved with the campus and local communities. My friends and peers who made Moravian a home to me are dedicated and hardworking, a motivation to strive for the best. Moravian provided me with the tools I need to be a well-rounded professional in both my career now and for the future. —Daria Van Doren ’20

The choir sings during the candlelight portion of the Vespers service.