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Accessibility Services

new students

Welcome to Moravian College and the pack!  We're excited to meet and work with you!

As a student who is requesting accommodations for the first time, the Accessibility Services Center (ASC) will engage in an interactive process with you to determine appropriate accommodations as well as other college services that you may find helpful. The interactive process simply means that the ASC, the student with a disability, and faculty and staff will work together to determine appropriate accommodations in order to provide access to your programs.

This process starts with you!

Steps to Register With ASC

  1. Complete the Intake Form.  
  2. Visit our Documentation Guidelines page and share your supporting documentation with us.
    • We encourage students to disclose their disabilities as early as possible in order to provide needed accommodations in a timely manner.  The ASC will happily receive your Intake Form and supporting documentation at any time.  However, a proactive approach is encouraged to best meet students' needs.  
    • If you do not have immediate access to your documentation, you may share it at a later date.
    • We will contact you if additional information or documentation is needed.  
  3. Meet with an ASC staff member who will work with you to identify appropriate accommodations.
  4. Meet regularly with the ASC staff.  We encourage new students who are registered with the ASC to meet with the ASC staff regularly, especially during their first year.  This contact provides the opportunity for the staff to guide students and work with them proactively to address questions and resolve problems that may arise.

The interactive process will only continue when the student actively participates in the with the ASC, their instructors, and other college staff.