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Moravian University
Counseling Center

Couples Counseling 

Overview of Couples Counseling

The Counseling Center provides counseling for couples and friends as long as one person is a current student at Moravian University. Couples counseling can provide a "neutral territory" to help couples and friends work through tough issues. Sessions are free of charge and unlimited, although most couples find their issues substantially resolved within 1-8 sessions. Sessions are typically 45 to 50 minutes and usually meet weekly or bi-weekly. If one or both persons of the couple is also seeking individual counseling services at the Counseling Center , it is best practice to see a different counselor for couples counseling.

What to expect at your first session?

When the couple first contacts the Counseling Center for services, they will typically be scheduled for a 45-50 minute intake session. Please arrive 10 minutes early for this session, as paperwork needs to be completed prior to meeting with the counselor. During the first meeting the counselor will discuss confidentiality, and spend time getting to know the couple and reasons for seeking counseling. Toward the end of the session the counselor and the couple will discuss the best plan moving forward, which may be continued couples counseling, individual services, and/or referral to a community based agency.

How to make the most of Couples counseling

     Couples counseling can be most effective when each individual......

  • is motivated to attend couples counseling sessions.
  • focuses on changing themselves rather than the other person.
  • attitude's are flexible and able to see personal flaws.
  • stays calm and communicative.


The APA Code of Ethics and PA state law considers the personal information discussed in counseling to be confidential. This means that no record of counseling is made on an academic transcript, and that information regarding the counseling is not released without both parties written permission, unless otherwise indicated by law. This means that if the couple wants someone else to be informed that services have been received, both parties must sign a specific authorization to disclose information.