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Moravian University
Counseling Center

Group Counseling 

Overview of Group Counseling

Group counseling services are offered to students who are seeking a degree at Moravian University. Groups are offered on topics that are perceived to fulfill important needs for students as identified through emerging issues. Group provides an opportunity available to students who are in need of a supportive environment that assists them in establishing and maintaining close and gratifying relationships with others while working on the struggles that brought them in to the Counseling Center. Group can offer peer validation and support and also provides students more understanding of their relationships with others and how they could be honest about their feelings with someone in exchange for honest feedback about themselves.

Throughout the academic year the counseling center may offer topic-specific counseling groups for the students enrolled at Moravian University and students are encouraged to participate. Additionally, some of the mandated Drug and Alcohol Services are group oriented.

If you believe the college would benefit from a specific counseling group, please contact the counseling center to share your ideas!