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Health & Safety FAQs

Health & Safety Guide 

Fall 2021

As the world turned upside down from the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Moravian community has stepped up to "Protect the Pack." Over the last year and a half the faculty and staff at Moravian University worked tirelessly to deliver the Moravian experience to all of our students, both in and out of the classroom. Thankfully, Moravian has invested nearly $2 million dollars to improve the online education experience, and with dozens of Apple Certified Teachers, we're continuing to deliver a robust educational experience in online environments. Through the generosity of alumni and other benefactors, Moravian University continues awarding financial aid to students in need and this generosity continues at an unprecedented rate, even throughout this crisis.

Fall 2021

Moravian University is not mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for our community, but all students will be required to share their vaccine status with the Campus Health Center.   Effective August 2 all members of our community must wear a mask while inside campus facilities. We expect this to remain in place throughout the first few weeks of the semester until we get a better sense of vaccination rates and risk in our campus community. Visit the COVID-19 Dashboard for the most up-to-date information.

If students have not submitted their vaccine information, the university will categorize them as not vaccinated and access to the campus WiFi network will be turned off until the student's status is updated.

Moravian has been, and will continue to review recommendations from the PA Department of Health, the CDC, and the American College Health Association regarding COVID-19 protocols for colleges and universities as we return to campus for the fall 2021 semester. As such, we will expect:

  • All non-vaccinated students will be tested every week during the semester for COVID-19 by our Health Center. We expect testing to take place before morning classes begin each day. Details regarding the date and time will be sent to students later in August.
  • Residents needing to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19 will be expected to do so off-campus during the semester. Residents who may be unable, based on the distance to their permanent address, may be able to relocate to an on-campus isolation house. Dining options for residents in isolation will be limited.

For questions about sharing your vaccination status or any other COVID-related inquiries, please visit the Moravian University Health Center website.

Managing classroom and campus life during COVID-19

Campus Life 

  • Tracking infections if and when it occurs on campus
  • Requiring mask-wearing inside campus facilities (Effective August 2)
  • Regularly updating recreation procedures dependent on healthy and safety circumstances
  • Reminding students, faculty and staff and commit to following all public health and safety guidelines
  • Maintaining awareness of local conditions, supported by a public health awareness campaign
  • Be ready to adapt as needed to COVID-19 circumstances
  • Check for the latest updates on Greyhound Athletics.


  • Moravian University offers courses in a variety of modalities and lengths to serve student needs.
  • The Teaching and Learning Center, Office of Online Education and Innovation, and The Student Success Team work regularly throughout the year to help faculty to improve teaching and learning across all disciplines and departments.
  • Students should consult their advisors for assistance with course schedules.
  • Masks are required in classrooms, laboratories, vans for field trips, and other academic spaces.
  • External partners, such as providers for clinical sites, student teaching and internships, may require vaccinations.  Students who wish to participate at those sites must comply with the requirements of those partner organizations.
  • To study abroad, the COVID vaccine is required.

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