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Center for Career & Civic Engagement

Center for Career & Civic Engagement

Support the Center for Career & Civic Engagement during Moravian's Days of Giving

The Center for Career and Civic Engagement plays a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience of Moravian students by fostering connections between academic learning and real-world applications. With your support during the Days of Giving, we aim to amplify our impact and provide students with valuable opportunities beyond the classroom. Together, we can empower students, broaden their horizons, and create lasting impacts.

Q&A with Center for Career & Civic Engagement Executive Director Kristin Eicholtz

What are your group's current initiatives that need support during Days of Giving?

Financial assistance for service trips enables our students to participate in international and domestic trips, fostering global perspectives and a commitment to civic engagement. We also want to enhance our online career resources, ensuring ALL students have access to cutting-edge tools and information critical for their professional development.

What are your group’s plans for the future?

Looking forward, we plan to implement networking events, connecting students with accomplished alumni who can provide guidance and mentorship, enriching their career journeys. We also plan to host a recognition banquet to celebrate and honor students who successfully complete the Career Promise by the end of their senior year, emphasizing their dedication to career success.

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