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Support Dance during Moravian's Days of Giving

Moravian's Dance program offers a comprehensive dance curriculum that complements the student's major in another discipline. We provide students with a well-rounded, in-depth introduction to dance as an art form through historical, theoretical, and practical studies. Our students participate in dance performance and creation and develop technical skills that deepen their understanding and appreciation for dance.

Q&A with Dance Artistic Director Lisa Busfield

What are your group's current initiatives that need support during Days of Giving?

We are preparing for our annual Spring Concert and working towards offering an artist-in-residence to work directly with our students and create a piece for our 50th anniversary concert. We continue to work toward further growth and development of our academic dance program to provide more educational experiences and performance opportunities for all our students.

How has support from alumni helped your program succeed?

Our alumni supporters have been a HUGE catalyst to our success in upgrading our dance facilities on campus. Our program was able to find a permanent home and move to South Campus in 2020. Contributions from our amazing alumni led to a complete renovation of the space now dedicated to dance.

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