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Friends of Reeves Library

Friends of Reeves Library

Support Reeves Library during Moravian's Days of Giving

Friends of Reeves Library helps support the library’s initiatives, collections, and archival materials. We increase awareness, encourage, and promote Reeves Library and Archives as a resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community. We aim to increase the visibility of Reeves Library as a vital center of learning. We also continue to encourage interest and involvement from alumni, families, and friends in the community through access to collections, lectures, exhibits, and programs on various topics.

Q&A with Director of Reeves Library Kim Demyan

How has support from alumni helped your program succeed?

I can’t express how impactful financial support has been to current and future initiatives. We can provide meaningful resources and experiences above and beyond what we normally could, which has positively impacted student opportunities for study, research, and learning experiences both on and off campus. We’ve also been able to equip our students with glass study rooms in the library for quiet individual or group study.

What are your group's current initiatives that need support during Days of Giving?

We have a new website for Archives and Special Collections. While we are excited to have a digital collection for presentation on the web, there is an annual cost for the platform as well as additional costs for particular materials. Our new website provides researchers, both at Moravian and beyond, online access to our unique primary sources. Currently, there are digitized copies of newspapers, course catalogs, bulletins, and historic photos and films that are available for viewing and will feature more collections as time goes on. We are also hoping to provide our students with additional study spaces, as well as Library & Archive internship stipends.

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