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Music Alliance

Music Alliance

Support the Music Alliance during Moravian's Days of Giving

The Music Alliance comprises people passionate about music and Moravian University, particularly individuals and families who want to support our mission and program. We strive to raise support for the academic and artistic programs provided for students and the greater community.

Q&A with Music Department Chair Neil Wezel

What are your group's current initiatives that need support on the Days of Giving?

Many University-owned instruments are aging and becoming more difficult to maintain in great condition and serviceable for students. We are also looking to create an artist-in-residence program that will sponsor more great artists to come to campus to present workshops, clinics, masterclasses, and performances open to the university and community. The lifespan of our marching band uniforms is quickly approaching, and those will need to be replaced as well.

How has support for your organization impacted students and the Moravian community?

The Music Alliance has allowed us to update and refresh our classrooms. We’ve replaced classroom chairs, desks, and furniture in the Brethren’s House, as well as computers and keyboards in the Music Department’s computer and piano lab, which has directly impacted our students. We’ve also provided our students with memorable experiences, thanks to support from the Music Alliance. For example, we hosted Neil Sedaka for a concert and presentation, and have been able to help fund the Big Band Jazz Ensemble to perform at the Rehoboth Jazz Festival in Delaware.

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