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Your Advising Team

As part of the ELEVATE undergraduate experience, you’ll meet regularly with your advising team, including your Faculty Advisor, Student Success Advisor, and Career Development Strategist. This team will help you effectively plan your four years at Moravian and prepare for post-college success!

Your team works together to help you choose a major, identify possible career paths, find internships, get involved in research and academic opportunities, and more.

Connect With Us

To find out more about Moravian’s ELEVATE experience, contact your admission counselor at (610) 861-1320 or We can’t wait to hear from you!

Academic Advisors

Academic advising is more than just course planning; it is a developmental and collaborative process. Academic advisors provide the resources and referrals that you need to make well-informed decisions and take ownership of your education. Your Student Success Advisor and Faculty Advisor will serve as your academic advisors at Moravian from the very beginning of your journey.

Student Success Advisor

As a first-year student, you’ll enter the university as an "undeclared" student and will be assigned a Student Success Advisor who supports your journey toward a major. Your Student Success Advisor will help you to figure out how to navigate Moravian’s offices and systems, create degree plans, and declare a major.

Student Success Advisors offer proactive, personal attention for:

  • Transitioning into university life
  • Exploring academic majors
  • Understanding degree requirements
  • Troubleshooting course concerns
  • Referring you to campus resources

Faculty Advisor

First-year students are also assigned a Faculty Advisor, who will offer opportunities for discussion about the academic and intellectual journey. You’ll meet with your Faculty Advisor to make sure you’re getting the most out of your education, understanding and exploring the right possible majors, and gaining valuable academic experience beyond classes.

Faculty Advisors provide:

  • A deeper understanding of your intended major pathway
  • Information about course offerings or programs that best fit your interests or skills
  • Advice on choice of courses for the general education curriculum and your major
  • Ways to explore research, study abroad, and other academic opportunities
  • Insight into the academic life of Moravian

When you do declare a major, a faculty member in the appropriate department becomes your academic advisor and continues in that capacity unless you make a change.

Career Development Strategist  

Your Career Development Strategist works in Moravian’s Center for Career and Civic Engagement and is here to support you as you begin the career exploration process. They will help you learn about career paths connected to your interests and explore experiences that will help you make decisions and create a plan about next steps beyond Moravian University. Students should connect with their Strategists at least twice a semester (or more!) and can attend one on one appointments and group workshops on a variety of career-related topics.

Career Development Strategists provide:

  • Facilitation of self-assessment instruments to help you learn about yourself and identify strengths, interests, and set career goals
  • Support building a career toolkit including your resume, cover letters and other professional documents
  • Assistance finding hands-on learning and professional development opportunities including shadowing, internships, co-ops, and provides information about campus clubs and organizations
  • Preparation for and information about conducting a full-time job search or applying to graduate schools
  • Guidance for completing Career-Readiness Digital Badges that track your co-curricular experiences so you can best articulate your accomplishments to employers upon graduation