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Your Four Years

Your ELEVATE experience spans your entire undergraduate education at Moravian University, beginning before you step foot on campus for your first year and expanding well past graduation, should you need continued support. These four years are yours to mold—ELEVATE will guide you through.

First Year

During your first year at Moravian, ELEVATE will introduce you to the four essential elements that will guide your studies and extracurricular pursuits. These include Teamwork and Leadership, Global Experience, Work Experience, and Career Support.

Connect With Us

To find out more about Moravian’s ELEVATE experience, contact your admission counselor at (610) 861-1320 or We can’t wait to hear from you!

Before you even begin classes, you’ll receive your new Apple MacBook Pro and iPad and participate in the TypeFocus career assessment and personality survey. This will lead directly into your experience at New Student Orientation, where you’ll connect with your full advising team, including your faculty advisor, student success advisor, and career development strategist, for the first time. They’ll be with you throughout your four years at Moravian and beyond!

This year is all about exploration and discovery. You’re encouraged to get involved with our student organizations and sports teams, get comfortable with your Apple technology, attend lectures and workshops happening on campus, and take classes that push you out of your comfort zone—your First-Year Writing Seminar will do just that! 

By the end of your first year, you’ll have the lay of the land and a good idea of what to expect from the ELEVATE experience over the next few years. 

Sophomore Year

If they haven’t already, your sophomore year is when your academic pursuits and goals will come into focus. In collaboration with your advising team, you’ll officially declare your major and begin considering how you’d like to shape the rest of your ELEVATE experience. 

This is the perfect time to start thinking about global study opportunities—the Center for Global Education can provide more information about destinations, timing, and logistics. Most students study abroad during their junior or senior year, and may even travel during the summer. Remember, a global experience is included as part of ELEVATE, so participating in a short-term trip will come at no cost to you! 

Other opportunities that you might consider looking into include the Peace Corps Prep Program, Fellowship and Scholarship Advising, Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR), and more. Your advising team will point you in the right direction toward the opportunities that will best support your career pursuits. 

Junior and Senior Years 

Now is the time to really put your coursework to use. During your junior and senior years, you’ll work with your advising team to gain the hands-on experiences and leadership skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for. In your case, this could include landing an internship at one of our local partner businesses or designing an independent study course to help you focus on a research project. These last two years are when most students choose to pursue a global study opportunity, do an internship, participate in the Honors Program, or enroll in a capstone course. 

By the time graduation arrives, you’ll be well-equipped to begin your career or continue your education in a graduate program. We’ll even help you articulate your educational experience with Career Readiness Badges, available through the Center for Career and Civic Engagement.